Right now you’re driving up the coast Carlos welcome to Monaco guys take a look oh my goodness we are now in one of the smallest countries the world. And one of the richest countries in the world if not the richest country in the world Monaco is actually kind of ridiculous basically a lot of famous rich.


And wealthy people live here because there is no tax, you don’t pay tax on things hence why, you see me crazy mega yachts down in the harbour, but there is zero percent poverty zero percent unemployment. And pretty much, it’s a rich person Mecca Haven little bit of information about why Monaco is separate from France Monaco is a principality originally when it started, but they want to do was turn it into a Kingdom they wanted the Grimaldi family to be at the top. And to be the king however because it was.

So close to France. And looking back with these hundreds of years before there was democracy before there was politicians. And before, you have any sort of government it was Kings would rule the people.

And of course they can have Monaco. So close to remember King these two people are going to start having fights together we’re gonna have a big military coup. So it is say the state of Monaco is, you should still have your independence, you can still be a independent country, but, you can’t have a king where, you can have is a prince.

So that’s what makes it a principality that doesn’t makes it independent as long as, you never tried to get a king or start a military coup against France we’re going to be in more trouble oh my goodness impressive cars here. So, this is the garage, you know it is amazing alright so. I wasn’t allowed to film they are looking for my camera.

And filmed. And they came after me. And they’re like.

And if we delete fathers father’s we delete the footage that. I don’t $22 take it. ?

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