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A Japanese theory states that if you walk 10,000 steps a day you will maintain your current weight, and if you do more than 10,000 steps a day, you will lose weight. The lesson here is not to take too many steps in one day; otherwise you may lose so much weight that you disappear completely.

Hiking is supposed to be healthy. Not only is it one of the best all-round workouts you can give your body, it can also improve your mental state. More and more GPs advise taking a daily 30-minute walk for those who are down in the dumps. Of course, it could be based on a misunderstanding. When the 48th patient of the day walks into the surgery and says ‘I’m depressed,’ he may well be told to take a hike.

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However, you will recall that walking stimulates the human brain to secrete endorphins, a natural form of painkiller that resembles opium-derived drugs such as morphine and heroin. This is why hikers enjoy hiking so much. It’s all about being spaced out. When hikers talk about the high they get at the top of a mountain, it has nothing to do with altitude.

Some may be forgiven for thinking that all the effects on health are beneficial. You will know better. While the overall effect is good, the maxim ‘no pain – no gain’ will come to mind.

So prepare yourself for the pain.

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