Hello friends.

And internet friends welcome to how to make friends. And five friends, but on the road. I thought I’d gather a good group of friends to discuss making friends this post was gonna kind of talk about that Abby does have friends.

I do have read a lost friends sometimes. So let me introduce, you to my friends fraction of them introduce themselves to, you first off hi my name is Mike quarry of cake de cría see. I messed up the first round, this is the second cake.


I’m trying to be proactive that’s one of the ways, you make friends. I have a blog called kick the grind. And.

I’m a trouble utilities yes my name is Kristen. I have blog blog called hopscotch the globe and. I make travel posts teach me water travel -.

I mean, you guys know me since you’re all my blog welcome. And if you don’t know me welcome to my blog. I am Steve my blog name is backpacker Steve and.

I do travel posts especially focusing on outdoor adventures that’s why. I have this these exactly how do we find friends, this is kind of. I think a good question to start with because how do we find people how do, you find friends to travel, it’s just.

And you’re looking to go travel before, you go travel how would, you find travel friends. I would say a great way is to talk with friends, you have. And see if they have friends of friends who are travelling that, you can meet up with.

I would say easier to find friends don’t want to travel sometimes because your closest friends don’t always have the same world aspirations as, you do so. I would say like Kristen said don’t maybe look in that first circle because sometimes people don’t really want to go see the world. And I’ll tell, you that, you shouldn’t, but go inside that there’s lots of online resources.

And often if you poke around. And ask people oh. I’ve, you know anybody’s been to Mexico or Austria they’ll know someone knows somebody else that person another one.

I would say is just to just put it out there like Facebook messaging just literally be like hey guys. I’m doing a trip to Costa Rica anybody interested and, you do, you will sometimes. I mean not saying that all of us are best friends we’re Facebook friends, but there are people on your Facebook that might know other people that are interested in traveling to Costa Rica just put like a rough date, but you’re looking to go.

And see if literally have just asked put out there yeah, you kind of just got to go outside of your friends circle a bit more. I feel like being also a travel vlogger there’s a lot of other travel content creators out there. And, it’s easy to like meet up with them because they’re all over the world.

And even if you haven’t met them in person your friends online they meet in person. And you’re besties. I think a good community is couchsurfing where, you also have car surfing meetings in your own hometown where, you can meet like-minded travelers who are we’re traveling maybe the same area before.

So, you know they might be, you can benefit from them. I always thought couchsurfing was just for going someplace. And staying on someone’s couch or having someone stay on your couch, but actually half the community it seems or more is these groups.

So, you can go to we’re in Leipzig Germany right now go to the couchsurfing website and. I don’t have the crash on someone’s couch, but there is a coach surfing meetup maybe every Wednesday or the last Saturday every month and, you can hit those places tons of people there. And they will debt from one of your friend the biggest thing is to be proactive, you have to be the one that goes out there that puts the ask in.

And gets those kind of hesitant because there’s a lot of people that are like oh yeah, you know I’d like to go to Costa Rica but I don’t know like yeah let’s do it, you know like let’s set a date it’ll be great. And just really take the first step.

And convince a lot of its like convincing that other person to come with, you because a lot of people, you you’ll get like oh yeah yeah that might be cool or a lot that’d be interesting we’d be like let’s do it alright let’s let’s have coffee discuss this if they live in your hometown or let’s set up an email chat. And actually really start to plan to be really proactive that having said that too though is, you don’t have to really try. So hard to convince people because, you can make friends, you can just go on trip by yourself.

And make friends when, you get to a place well speaking of how ready when, you are in a place. So if you are traveling by yourself or are just broken off from the group. And want to meet other people how do we go about doing that well we’re on our travels.

I think a lot of people they when they’re in an uncomfortable situation they put on that that coating of just confidence when deep down they’re like what’s going on. I’m really nervous and. So when, you go meet these people for the first time in situations that have been uncomfortable for everybody it seems like everybody is like oh.

So self-centered. And and, you know doesn’t want to talk to anybody else, but really everyone’s just vulnerable like, you. And they just have a really good acting face and, you probably have the same acting face the thing is, you talk to anybody.

And 99.9% of people in this world will have they’ll be happy too people love to interact especially when you’re out traveling travelers are very open that’s why they love they love doing what they do. So don’t think that someone’s, you know in the corner looking a bit serious on their computer isn’t available to talk just go up ask for tips.

And you’ll get it for a little bit hostels do. I mean most people when they’re traveling are already out of their comfort zone. I don’t know what it is maybe, you guys have found this too when you’re when you’re traveling is that when, you are throw completely out of your element.

And in another country or you’re by yourself or you’re you’re in assasination, you don’t necessarily know, you are just more open to making grand meeting. And discussing complete strangers than, you are when you’re at home but I feel like, it’s that comfortable like when you’re at home, you don’t have to make friends because.

I’m most people have a couple friends at home they’re like oh, you know. I don’t have to talk this person, but when you’re at a completely different country. And you’re by yourself you’re like yeah, you know what maybe.

I want to go to dinner with somebody tonight or maybe. I want to go explore the one of these monuments or parks or something else with somebody else. I don’t.

I don’t want to necessarily go by myself. So you’re just more open and. I find that other people are also like that they’re more open, it’s a little bit easier to start up those like old conversations yeah yeah and, you completely start from zero.

So those people they don’t know, you like when you’re back home people know, you are these are friends of friends. And they can completely start from zero as they do. So they’re in the same situation as you.

So they’re also searching for someone maybe to explore the city together with. And especially if you’re in a hostel and, you just hang around in the common area. And there’s like someone coming in just bought some souvenirs talked up to them.

And say like. So what did, you get. And just start a conversation in that really natural kind of way.

And maybe, you explore the city together like an hour later. I find too that people many people have this perception that hostels are just for like young rowdy travelers um in college. And such, but hostels are great for everybody.

I’ve met families older people, it’s just a great way to meet other travelers compared to like hotels or air babies where you’re you’re gonna be pretty much by yourself often in those circumstances even if you don’t want to make friends there’s going to be some really loud guy that comes over in make sense anyway and, you only map this and, you can’t even say anything about it all of a sudden, you have a friend you’re like oh my god. I just want to read my book, but one concern a lot of people have before they talk travelling is making friends but I would say that most solo travelers after they make their first trip they realize, it’s not an issue because making friends isn’t really that hard there’s people everywhere.

And generally in the travel community if you’re staying when hostels or going on tours everyone there is just really happy. And they’re a little bit lonely too. So making friends after, you realize it on your first trip is kind of easy like, it’s not even that difficult sometimes it just happens and, you when it grabs the sushi.

And yeah yeah so. I really expense an issue that. I feel like is a big one in the beginning because we all like to have friends in these circles, but, you go there and, you realize very quickly, it’s not something hurts easy.

I think an important port is, you also have to be open to making friends um like Micah said, it’s like people thought that there would be people that just come up to, you that are looking to make friends and, you have to be receptive to that. And be open to starting up a conversation because if you don’t have it doesn’t always have to be, you the instigator like sussing out people like alright. I’m done in front of, you.

I’m gonna this a lot of times that other people are going to come to, you you just have to be aware of that open up. I find too that people that may be a little bit intimidated normally like back home, you don’t really feel like you’re that type of person who will go out. And just start talking to people.

I find that when, you travel something changes inside, you you’re kind of touching on this where, you just become more open it just automatically happens and. I think, it’s because, it’s kind of like it just, it’s like an instinct like, you are in a new place, you feel like, you need to be more open because, you want to make friends to share experiences with also alcohol that is true it is like help, it’s just a little bit there’s also travel massives or like get-togethers in many different countries. And cities around the world where each month like people get together other travelers.

And that’s a great place to meet people even before, you go on a trip or while you’re on a trip, but, you know in all seriousness right in all seriousness though if you want to meet even a friend or romantic relationship whatever, it’s a great way to meet now honestly because you’re there and, you can see, you speak English and, you can have a mutual interest whether it be romantically or just prefer friendship and, you can have a coffee in just talking, you just talk about the city. I would make sure, you tell someone where you’re going before, you meet someone up to there though yes yeah coming from a guy’s house they don’t meet them at home. I don’t make me any bigger me.

And this dark back out yeah yeah. We’ll share tips Twitter is also pretty cool too because, you can, you can like hashtag whatever place you’re staying in. And see who else is staying there okay I’ll never know.

I think if you let’s say, you are into dance. So you’re into archery or something back home a lot of cities will have those same communities. And they they always love to have new people especially if let’s say you’re in a latin-american country go to a salsa dancing class a lot of places have free classes they’re going to pay five bucks for a drop-in or something great way to kind of get beneath the surface of the culture a little bit.

I mean some locals it free to us yes like when you’re in a knocking – yeah like walking – is there like a lot of backpackers. And other travel is likely like, you solo travelers coming together because there’s not, you don’t have to really sign up for that. So they just meet at a square.

And then just walk around and, you can figure out who’s in the group. And then, you get to talk. And maybe, you get back to that place which, you explored and, you want to see more of this museum or whatever together great place yeah just all, you gotta do is just ask whoever’s on your tour.

I mean, you already have a natural way to start up conversations because you’re walking around the city together or just any other type of tour like. I like to do sometimes like little mini city tours or like shorter tours like maybe for four hours if, it’s like a specific item or destination that. I want to go in a city.

And. I’m traveling by myself. And there are other people on that I’ll just start got start up a conversation see how long they’re in the city for.

And very easy natural way to continue. And explore some more like, it’s very much, it’s happened to me multiple times with like oh, you guys have the next day free let’s go on a biking tour or let’s do this. And then suddenly, you left my friends especially if you’re doing a tour.

And something that, you really are interested in. So maybe interested in history maybe you’re doing interested in food then you’re going to find other travelers who are interested in the same things, you are which means more likely are going to travel with them longer if you make make that connection or sports if you like, you play soccer for example and, you know there’s a football pitch just join those guys playing football and, you have new friends any advice or tips on like maybe you’re traveling with a group of friends currently or mapley met. And then things are quite going as planned or not quite working out.

And how to kind of go about that. And deal with that well. I mean friends, you have back home and, you consider traveling with them it could be a totally different story when you’re on the road because those guys who maybe meet them like an evening going going out for drinks or something like that, but then you’re together with them like 24 7.

And then, you suddenly realize, it’s kind of nerve-wracking to me with much too much. I was like. I like you, but too much for, you.

And then, you need to tell them in a nice kind of way. So maybe, it’s better. So that.

I’m going exploring the city today on my own and, you do this kind of stuff because maybe your interests are not the same all the time. And then, you just like adventure like, you just part ways for it for a certain amount of time are, you on a longer road trip, you just go to another place for a while until, you meet again this just happened to me. I was actually just on a trip with someone who we didn’t really we thought that it would be like the perfect trip, but there was a lot of conflict because people want to do different things.

And for me. I was kind of keeping how I felt in for a while but.

I found as soon as. I communicated that like hey, this is how I feel maybe.

I’m gonna take the day. And do what. I want, you can do the same just putting it out there made things.

So much better hey guys like a relief mmm. I think. And over here if you’re home we’re traveling whatever you’re doing those hi ghost friends.

And his low dose friends there’s the high dose friends where, you can spend days after days days with talk about life issues. And what, you want to do with your life. And Lodo’s friends who are just concentrated fun, but, you can’t do that over a long period or else, you just go crazy they’re great for a night out they’re great for a house party, but maybe traveling those people it seems a great idea inning with after a few days, you just want more.

I mean if you’re investing some money. And a lot of time. And energy to go to.

I don’t know a bali for example. And someone wants to party every single night when, you want to see culture then, it’s kind of wasting the trick for, you, it’s good to party yet great, but it shouldn’t be an issue to talk about those things like Kristin said the biggest thing is communication and, you shouldn’t be able to have a good conversation be like listen. I’m gonna go this way for a while, you do, you think.

We’ll meet up in a couple days or not let’s just play it by ear a good friend like a friend worth having now, you can do that with yeah. And don’t be afraid to ask those they’re hard questions or awkward questions, but it’ll make the trip better for everybody, you always going to make compromises. And sacrifices when traveling with any type of friend whether, it’s a friendly number forever or a friend that, you just met to make sure that everybody’s getting a little at least a bit of what they want it should be like at least 50 50 of like okay well, you want to see that oh today but.

I also want to see this let’s do yours let’s go there first. And then. We’ll do that after.

And give-and-take compromise. I think that’s interesting too because. I’ve done that.

And then. I found out that maybe. I didn’t think.

I was really into like the history of a certain city. And ended up loving it because my friend wanted to go. And do it.

I was like thank, you for for making me do this basically. I want to say, it’s really common from people we know. And backpackers to go travel somebody.

And they just split off. And they both their own thing for a month or a couple weeks. And then they come back together or they travel somebody else, it’s not a big serious thing like a deal breaker type thing it doesn’t have to be, it’s actually really common in our circles to just go travel somebody.

And, it’s not working or different ideas travel for somebody else gives, you something to talk about when, you connect again. And yeah bring em II don’t know yeah shouldn’t be a big deal, it’s not a big deal also if you serve cultures which is a great way of your solo traveler. And for example when.

I was for the first time in South America the first place. I went to was actually a culture surface place in Santiago because. I didn’t know anything there.

And he introduced me to all of his friends he introduced me to the city. I was just there for two days. I had a barbecue with a Chilean family.

I saw like the like the most important street artists. And in Santiago. And, it’s just a great way to also not only to to help to make new friends, but also to get into the local community to get into the local culture a great way to explore the city as well.

I think one last thing. I would like to say is when a lot of people think that especially we’re going on your first like trip and, you feel like no one wants to go with, you to still go out. And do it because.

I have found when. I’ve gone on solo trip, it’s actually difficult to not to be by myself because people are always coming up. And wanting to talk.

And such. So if. I actually wanted to be mommies Salva had to like lock myself in my room.

So, you can meet people everywhere the someone said open yourself up or how it opens, you up. And that’s exactly it. So you’re going to these places let’s say, you go solo and, you realize that if you just open yourself up a little bit.

And take little risks the world opens itself right back up to, you probably even bigger than it expected, but the feet of the feeling of freedom, you get in social situations after going traveling the world knowing, you can make friends anywhere, you go to a house party what most people are like go to like a work party or someplace where, you don’t know a ton of people maybe and, you you have that confidence because you’ve been everywhere if you’ve met all kinds of people, it’s really kind of liberating, it’s really amazing to be like. I’m confident in social situations that met. So many people and.

I know. I can hold myself. And and talk about interesting things don’t be afraid to change your schedule too that’s why.

I don’t like to over plan too much because. I like meeting people on all the road traveling. And if you have no room in your schedule to have spontaneous adventures there’s no way that, you can continue that friendship.

And many times. I just had free days that. I purposely leave open because if.

I meet someone that. I really like boom now. I have a free day.

I can plan whatever. I want with this new person that. I really want to go travel.

And explore with when, you make friends at when you’re traveling um, you have this bond right away like, you just, you can become besties fast. I find then being at home because you’re experiencing something really new. And different with that person, you just bond just happens faster totally.

I have friends that. I feel stronger bond with that. I’ve known for a year or less or even like four nights four days then people have known my entire life not exactly of Christmas because traveling.

So intense. So, you have to like. So many things, you share.

And a few days. So you’re really Andy and, you get really into like sharing yet your your life stories. And you’re just.

So open which helps a lot. And it makes your trip much more beautiful like to experience to experiencing that together mm-hmm well thank you so much Steve Mike Kristen, you guys were fantastic.

I’m going to leave links down below for all the blogs as well as the end of this post. So please click on their faces go check out their work they all have amazing travel posts all around the world. And thank you.

So much for reading Fred thanks Fred corny from. ?

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