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In that year, four major storms Fay, Gustav, Kinshasa Subway Map Hanna, and Ike struck the country. Torrential rains fell, including on mountains stripped almost bare Kinshasa Subway Map by widespread deforestation. With little vegetation to hold back the runoff, water gathered rapidly and cascaded down slopes, causing massive flooding in the valleys below. gives the following toll inflicted by storms that struck Haiti in 2008: 793 deaths 310 people missing Nearly 600 people injured About 23,000 homes destroyed and another 85,000 damaged About 800,000 people affected 70 percent of the country’s crops destroyed (eventually resulting in many more deaths from starvation) More than $1 billion in damage Although the year 2008 was the most costly storm season in the country’s history up to that time, many other years brought severe storms that resulted in widespread destruction and tragic loss of life.

The following list includes only major storms of the twentieth century: 1935 unnamed storm, killed more than 2,000 Haitians 1954 Hazel, more than 1,000 deaths 1963 Flora, estimated 8,000-8,500 lives lost 1994 Gordon, more than 1,000 deaths 1998 Georges, more than 400 deaths and more than 80 percent of crops destroyed Conditions As a tropical country, Haiti’s weather and climate can be described as hot, wet, humid and monotonous.

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