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For several miles the path led through open fields where people Kunming Travel wearing big straw sunhats were weeding their crops. The rolling valleys were a patchwork of green Kunming Travel wheatfields, yellow plots of rapeseed, and brown earth being harrowed by single-blade ploughs. At noon when I rested beside a field a family brought a bowl of noodles and potato chunks over to me, and gave me two twigs to use as chopsticks. I demurred at eating their lunch but they showed me that they’d brought a cauldron of it, and a flask of tea in wicker wrapping. Yet their feet were bare and their clothes were so patched that there was more patched cloth than original. The husband began filling his long-stemmed tobacco pipe so I gave him some of my tobacco which he accepted with relish.

4.3 Trail intersection; bear left passing a trail on right.

4.8 Reach Skyline Parkway. Bear right on the road for about 300 feet and then left onto the trail.

5.0 Trail intersection; the Cut Off Trail comes in on the right. Bear left on the main circuit trail.

5.3 Cross a wooden bridge and soon pass a beaver pond on the left.

6.9 Trail intersection; continue straight ahead, passing a trail on the left. Cross another trail in 75 feet. In another 200 feet, pass a trail again on the right.

7.2 Trail intersection ending the circuit portion of this hike. Turn left to return to the trailhead.

7.8 Trailhead.

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