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Mesa Map Tourist Attractions To Charlotte


225 N. Caldwell St., 704/374-1982,

HOURS: Thurs.-Sat. 8:30 P.M.-2:30 A.M.; Thurs. 18+ for women, 21+ for men, Fri.-Sat. 21+

(exceptions made for female designated drivers 18+)

COST: $6 Map 1

Remember the famous dance scene from The Breakfast Club? The one where Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, and Anthony Michael Hall get their groove on in the school library? You can hear ‘ 80s music all night long at the Breakfast Club, the only ’80s dance club in Charlotte. The entire movie and dance videos from the decade of big hair and acid-washed jeans are shown on big screens surrounding the dance floor. The crowd ranges from women in tight white jeans and Aquanet-inspired hairdos and bachelorettes who are too young to remember the ’80s to drunken frat boys laughing at the scene. Compared to the other clubs in Uptown, the three-level bar is more like a VFW hall than an upscale nightclub. The totally ‘ 80s vibe makes up for the shabby decor.


300 N. College St., 704/375-8765, www.thecharlotteforumcom HOURS: Wed.-Sat. 10 P.M.-2 A.M.

COST: $10; free for women Wed. before midnight; Fri. 18+, Sat. 21+

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Forum is a typical nightclub: pulsating hip-hop music, strobe lights, and hopeful clubgoers holding onto their drinks and each other on the dance floor. The music is a predictable mix of Top 40 dance hits and hip-hop classics that drive people to the dance floor. On the weekends, Forum is crowded: The clutch of people clamoring for a drink at the bar and packed onto the dance floor can mean bumping-and-grinding with strangers just to get to the bathroom The VIP area, a raised room overlooking the dance floor, offers a bit of a respite (unless it’s reserved, in which case it’s more crowded than the rest of the club). Forum’s best feature is the rooftop patio. It’s quieter than the rest of the club, the comfortable lounge areas are perfect for kicking off those high heels for a few minutes, and the views of Uptown are spectacular. A few of the lounge areas are reserved ($500 secures a spot for up to eight guests and includes tableside service and two bottles of top-shelf spirits).

1710 Robert Hunter takes office, and ushers in a new Mesa Map Tourist Attractions period of reconciliation and prosperity for New Jersey. Hunter is able to control the more reactionary elements Mesa Map Tourist Attractions of the council, and, at the same time, work with the assembly, until he runs into conflict with Daniel Coxe, the speaker of the assembly. One of the running themes of New Jersey’s and many of the colonies’ history during this time period is the increasing power and independence of colonial legislatures. 1720 William Burnet becomes governor. At first, Burnet’s tenure is marred by conflicts with the assembly, but later he governs more tactfully. 1723 The Loan Office Act sets up a government-controlled bank that allows colonists to take out money, using their land as collateral. 1738 Lewis Morris is appointed governor of New Jersey. For the first time, New Jersey has its own governor, the post having been combined with that of New York in the past. Morris tries to impose his will on the assembly whenever possible, and often refers to his prerogative as governor and the power of the Crown’s authority. The colonial assembly, not to be outdone, frequently withholds money even during the War of Jenkins’ Ear and King George’s War and distributes tax revenues as it sees fit.

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