MOZART BALLS Vienna Austria

Oh, this is nice it is.

So much cooler here no more poor degree heat no more crowds just beautiful Alpine mountains yes because we are in Austria heading towards Vienna oh. I’m gonna try a boat circle who is our remember what it is, but, it’s a turbot akward unwrapping smells chocolate all about the first layer, it’s more stuff some people buy multiple layered. I’m good Oh yesterday see what they tell, you motorboat everywhere my god, this is crazy so.

MOZART BALLS Vienna Austria Photo Gallery

I found out what was in the Mozart balls it is actually a marzipan. And a pistachio filling. So chocolate marzipan.

And Sachi Oh delicious third snaps okay boys motor oils. So what we’ve just done is come through the gate of the Hofburg. And behind us, you can see the haka boat – it was the main Imperial residence of the Hapsburg Empire.

And the holster of Hungarian sea as well now there’s a couple of interesting things about this first of all the square where. I just found at the moment, it’s called hero square the reason why they call a hero’s gross cause of the Two Gentlemen, you can see on the walls back Prince Eugenie. And the grand pipe tube of Savoy.

And they were two massive military heroes. And fought. And won for their country secondly interesting issues as well first of all, it’s absolutely huge out of all the rooms inside both Palace, you guys can only go into four percent of them.

And, it’s still a massive amount that, you guys can go into. So there’s a lot inside this building that’s hidden and, you can’t feel like, it’s an imperial palace by the huge this time around. I would show, you something now.

I’m sitting in the Spanish Riding School in the hopper palace take a look Morrissey’s. And horses crazy horse stuff not quite sure unfortunately the white stallions which is funny sports news for are actually on summer vacation right now. So we’re not going to email them, but what we see something else because.

I’m here in July which is their summer vacation even though, it’s going to work. I don’t know. I don’t plan these things very good sometimes bitches horses hey guys.

So right now we are at the madhouse. And concentration camp here in Austria it was used during the Holocaust, it’s a big part of German Austrian history that, you kind of can’t ignore when visiting these countries. So we’re not ignoring it we’re doing a little history lesson.

And visiting one of the camps here, this is actually one of the largest most preserved concentration camps. And, it’s also one of them one of the most brutal concentration camps because there are three different levels of camps, you can have. And this one was a work yourself to death camp.

So people that lived here pretty much starved to death. And work himself to death. And the owners as camp profited from it.

I don’t really want to go into a lot of details that happened here, it’s really brutal um we just watched a film on it. I do think it is very important to acknowledge the past. And to pay our respects.

So that’s what we’re doing you. ?

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