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Hello. And welcome back to another travel hacks post in this post we’re covering packing or how to pack post where.

I give, you some ways to pack your luggage flow trips travel adventures let’s get started sometimes, you got a lot of stuff. So, you need a larger bag however the smaller the better not only is a smaller bag more practical because it makes traveling around so much easier, it’s also gives, you the option for carry-on size which can save, you a lot of money because a lot of airplanes like to charge, you for checked luggage unless, you have status ordinance you’re flying internationally checked luggage is free.

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So we try to pack the least amount of stuff possible. And as compact as possible to give us options for the check luggage, you get a hard case because unless you’re backpacking four wheels. And hard cases are waterproof.

And very very durable don’t do this if you’re a big shopper. And worried about space a bag in the bag a bag in a bag where, you only pack your small bag full. And then, you can fill up two bags full of all the lovely things, you wish to purchase on your trips.

And travels or better yet back a collapsible foldable bag that, you can open up. And it expands into a whole nother piece of luggage obviously don’t put anything valuable or breakable in this because that it will probably break, but, it’s great for any kind of soft items or clothing, you wish to purchase get a smart bag, this is a smart bag, this is a blue smart bag, it’s going to app that tracks my bag it can auto lock USB ports that can change charges so. I can make charging up my phone in my phone dies.

And it can tell me how much it weighs which doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is now why is weight important because airline fees if you are checking in your bag. And your bag is larger, it’s very easy to just stuff your bag full of stuff that’s what happens when we’ve got a lot of space for bags we just fill it with stuff we don’t even need to bring also weight is pretty important if you’re checking your bag as well even if, it’s a smaller bag because if it looks heavy which sometimes a lot of the carrier on Rolly bags do they might get, you to weigh it. And they might charge, you or get, you to check it if it weighs too much which will then they will charge, you for the check bag sometimes they charge, you like per like pound or kilo sometimes just like a flat fee if you’re worried about the weight have your carry-on be a backpack that’s right.

I can put as much weight as. I want in a backpack. And nobody will weigh it.

I’ve never had my backpack weighed and. I have really heavy backpacks. I kid, you not sometimes because.

I have all my Garan here. I have more weight in my backpack than. I do in my Rolly bags, but because.

I’m carrying it that a line just assume that it can’t be that heavy even in my back is slowly dying on the inside it can’t be that heavier. I would only advise caution though if you are bringing like a backpack backpack these. I have had weighed and.

I’ve had size before carrying them onto an airplane normally. I check backpacks, but if you pack this kind of half empty you’re pretty light, you can definitely take it as a carry-on however be aware that the super super budget airlines might get, you to weigh it or check it. So, but if – like a heavy-duty like backpack backpack be a little bit careful just try.

And make it as small as possible doesn’t really matter how wide it is trying to make it look as small as possible look all of the heavy items into a carry-on bags because very rarely do they ever weight your carry-on luggage they will almost always weigh your check luggage, but your carry-on nope. So as long as they make it look small put all the heavy items aside from liquids because there is a liquid restriction. And your carry-on.

And then put all the light stuff the bulky stuff in your check luggage. And then, you should have no problem with weights trust me if you’ve not experienced a weight issue when it comes up, it’s the worst ladies, this is a little technique. I like to call a lip her side because if you have one two three pieces of carry-on luggage, but you’re only allowed two, this is what, you do put your purse, you strap it on like.

So crossbody Twitter, but you’re trying to hide it we’re trying to hide a purse see we’re getting her then we take our backpack on. And put it over top of the purse like. So see what.

I’m doing here see what. I’m doing here now look look we go here do we see a purse only if you look at our me from behind now we walk up to the gate agent like. So because it looks like we only have two pieces of luggage we have our carry-on Rolly let me up our backpack because, you can’t see the purse the purse is hidden, but, this is work for me many times when.

I go carry-on and. I have three items, but. I’m only allowed to better get if you have a jacket on put a jacket over.

And cover the strap up even more there are a lot of creative ways to hide purse awkward items first because awkward items are usually the more difficult things to packs we like to pack them first. So we have the most space to kind of fit them in heavy items on the bottom, you want all of your heavy items to kind of be more toward at the bottom of your bag because that way your bag does it like top over fold any delicate items, you want to place it with the back because those parts will stay the most straight. And there’s less chance of it crinkling.

So it stays nice. And protected packing shoes make sure, you put them in their own bag since even if they’re clean now they will get dirty. And then your clothes will get dirty roll all the rest of your clothing these rolling saves a ton of space.

And it prevents wrinkles for when, you unroll your clothing packing cubes these are how, you keep your bag organized by having packing cubes that contain all of your rolls items of clothing packing a hat first off see if you can wear it if not then put the bottom part of the hat into an open deep part of your luggage try it. And see if you can fold any of the bits down that would be creased to keep the general shape of the hat. And then, you stuff into the middle of it to make sure that the bottom does increase in or get squashed Anala packing underwear be conspicuous with your underwears mainly because things might be clean now, but they don’t always stay that way.

And if you open your bag in a public space which does happen your underwear should be nicely hidden because nobody wants to see your underwear in plain view. So hide it in a nice packing cube speaking of dirty underwear have a plant for dirty laundry which means laundry bag, this is a simple laundry bag with no hole so. I don’t have to smell or get dirt from my dirty clothes onto my clean clothes weight.

And width is everything. So each individual item that, you bring not only does it need to be evaluated for width it also needs evaluated for size. So try.

And bring the smaller versions if all possible like this hair straightener, this is a smaller version toiletries make them as small as possible meaning you’re bringing travel sized versions travel size small versions as all possible, you don’t really need as many toiletries as, you think, you do especially depending on how long of a trip you’re going on. I also give larger products transfer them to smaller tubes you’ll know what they are so they don’t really need to be labeled jewelry literally the worst thing in the world to pack no seriously little bags we do little bags a lot of different little bags that we put our individual jewelry pieces in, this is how.

I’ve always done my jewelry. And how I keep them actually organized because cling-wrap does not work for long-term travel little bags do.

So these are just simple little mesh bags that. I put my jewelry pieces in or little bags that my jewelry came in that. I just kept and.

I keep them organized like such. And then I’ll put them into one bigger bag no tangle jewelry strings for me. And whatever is left just stuff into any little crevice that, you happen to find left in your bag.

And last snake your bag open proof meaning that when, you open up your bag will stuff fall out right now no no stuff is going to fall out of this bag at the moment because this bag is open proof. So if. I have to open it up in any point if.

I have to repack something. I want to get something out if. I if.

I’m taking this as a checked in or if. I’m taking it as a carry-on. And then

I need to get my toiletry bag out nothing is going to spill out. And, it’s very safe. And, it’s very secured.

So there, you go. I hope you’ve enjoyed this travel packing hacks post or or how I pack my bag or how to pack whatever, you want to call it really um if.

I missed any or if you guys. And gals know of any packing tips or tricks or hacks that. I missed please let me know down below in the comments.

I’m very interested to see. And learn if there’s anything else if. I could be doing better as a packer.

And don’t forget to comment to my blog blog for more travel hacks. And tips. And advice posts and.

I will see, you guys again in a few days time with another post. ?

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