Soneva Jani: The Best Luxury Maldives Resort

This is Soneva Jani’s arrival jetty. Guests arrive and depart from here to the waterplane dock, a 5 min boat ride away. The arrival pavilion offers a great view of the lagoon. The spectacular 5.6 km (3,5 mi) lagoon is the largest of its kind in the Maldives. The intensely mesmerizing blue of the lagoon is amazing. These are the most vibrant shades of blue that I have ever seen in all my years of traveling. From the arrival pavilion, a jetty leads to the Gathering. The Gathering is the largest overwater structure in the Maldives. The 3-storey Gathering is the heart of the resort.

It houses restaurants, a spa, gym, shop, chocolate & ice cream room, and kids club. Tour of the Gathering. The Gathering features a maze of stairs and walkways connecting all floors & facilities. This is the entrance to Soneva Jani’s spa. I’ll take a tour of the spa facility at the end of this sequence. The Gathering is located halfway the jetty. It’s easily accessible from all villas (by bicyle or buggy service). The Gathering features plenty of outdoor terraces. They all come with an unreal view of the overwater villas. This is the ice cream & chocolate room. I’ll have a look inside this room later in this clip.

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Soneva Jani’s main restaurant has an open kitchen. Food at the resort is superb (breakfast and several dinners are shown at the end of this clip). Soneva Jani’s main restaurant has an open kitchin. The Gathering features 3 outdoor sunken tables I’ll have a sunset coctail and dinner here later in this clip. The Gathering’s bar overlooks the sparkling waters. The daybeds and overwater catamaran nets are a perfect spot for sunset watching. The Gathering featui. It delivers guests directly from. The Gathering feature It delivers guests directly from the Soneva Jani Gathering’s second fit’s largest slide Dor to the ocean.

The resort’s design is inspired by the ocean Lights hang like jellyfish from the soaring ceiling. The Gathering’s chocolate room is open 24/7 It offers an amazing selection of complimentary chocolates. It offers an amazing selection of complimentary chocolates. Ganache Ice Cream and Sorbets Next door is the ice-cream room. You can choose from 18 flavours of ice-creams and sorbets (all complimentary). The resort’s spa is currently located within the Gathering. Overtime, the spa may move to a fabulous location on Soneva Jani’s main island. Soneva Jani has a focus on wellness. Spa treatments are complemented by a yoga pavilion, sauna and steam rooms.

The Gathering also features a shop near its er It sells resort wear, souvenirs, Soneva branded homeware, and gifts. so features a shop rT Jrs, Soneva branded homeware. The overwater villas are located along one jetty. The 1,7 km (1 mi) jetty curves over the blue water like a snake. It connects the villas to Medhufaru island. I’ll show this island, with its jungle and white beaches, later in this clip. Soneva Jani is one of the world’s lowest density resorts. It’s by far the most exclusive resort in the Maldives. The villas feature one to four bedrooms. All villas have a pool and most of them feature private water slides.

The largest villas are located on the jetty’s northern tip. This includes the 4 bedroom water reserve, the largest overwater villa in the Maldives. Cycling on the jetty is a pure delh The resort offers buggy service as well if you don’t. The resort offers buggy service as well if you don’t want to. This is Soneva Jam s overwater observatory. It features a state-of-the-art telescope for gazing at the stars at night. I his is boneva Jam s overwater observatory. This is the 4 bedroom water reserve. It’s the largest overwater villa in the Maldives. A few more impressions of the jetty & villas.

Staying at Soneva Jani feels like being part of a work of art. I stayed in this villa during my holiday Room category: one bedroom water retreat without slide. Room category: one bedroom water retreat without slide. The design was created by Eva Shivdasani, wife of Soneva CEO Sonu Shivdasani. The villa features a magnificent decor. The soft-coloured interiors are flooded with light. A few deep purple color touches add a nice, almost royal contrast. The ground floor features a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, & a study room. The villa has two floors. The bathroom is partly indoor, partly outdoor. The secluded, wooden surround offers sufficient space to swim in and. The master bedroom is very spacious. There’s also a sleeping-area for children.

The room’s highlight is the retractable roof. The roof slides back at the touch of a button so you can lie in bed and stargaze. Welcome amenity Bottle of Champagne The retreat has its own study room. This must be the office with the best view in the world !!!:-). Let’s go upstairs. The first floor features an outdoor sala with dining area. A few more impressions of the overwater retreat. It doesn’t get any better than this, unless you book one with a slide :-). Let’s have another look at the retractable roof. Sensors detect an on-coming shower and automatically close the roof in case of rain.

Be inspired by my travels around the world and get tips for luxury travel on ^.budget. The villa’s terrace offers direct access to the lagoon You may encounter some exciting sealife here while snorkeling. The villa’s terrace offers direct access to the lagoon. You may encounter some exciting sealife here while snorkeling. Let’s explore Soneva Jani’s main island. The island is named Medhufaru. Medhufaru is one of the largest islands in the Maldives. It is fringed by pristine beaches and blanketed with lush tropical greenery. Soneva Jani has a beach club near the jetty.

There’s also a second, even larger beach club on the island’s southern tip (shown later). Jungle paths run through the island’s lush inte. There are several hidden beaches along the way as well as a tennis. This is Soneva Jani’s south beach. It’s located on the southern end of Medhufaru island and features a large beach club. jjosej eq; jo jeujoo Ajoaq ;solu|b luojj. uees eq ueo ;esuns eqj_ lesuns eq; jo smoia jbqjB sjejjo iuep baouos. ouileva uciiii uiieio giedL views ui uic suiisei. The sunset can be seen from almost every corner of the resort. Soneva Jani offers several dining experiences. One of them is a la carte dining at the Gathering.

Dinner Menu Starter.
Carpaccio of yellow fin tuna with organic leaves tuna mayonnaise, curry oil, coconut chip and fried capers.
Twenty-eight US dollars.
Steamed chicken dumplings with soy and garlic sauce.
Twenty-four US dollars.
Tuna in hot avocado oil, avocado salsa, braised quail egg and soy caviar .
Thirty US dollars.
Pan-fried mushrooms with olive mascarpone tapenade and honeyed walnuts (V) .
Twenty-six US dollars.
Paprika scallops, chorizo potato skordalia, edamame beans and spicy mango chutney .
Selection of sashimi.
Local fresh fish with signature dips.

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