South New Zealand Map

South New Zealand Map

Well, at that time Kim was probably at the cutting edge of the industry. He had varietals, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, just table wine. And I used to go up there weekends and talk with him, work with him a bit and used to say, well you know, ‘I’d like to start a small winery’, that sort of thing. And in the end he said, ‘Well, Gary Glazebrook comes out and says the same as what you do, so perhaps you two should talk to each other.’ So Kim introduced us.

Alan Limmer adds his own colour to the story as he identifies the essence of the relationship that underpinned the establishment of Ngatarawa Wines:

Alwyn was wanting to get out on his own. He had no money. Kim knew Gary Glazebrook well and knew he had money, so Kim said, ‘Why don’t you go and see a guy called Alwyn Corban.

He works for McWilliam’s, he’s a good winemaker, but he’s got no money!’

A graduate in medieval history, Kim Salonius built a cellar door of arched brick doorways, old timber and stained glass. When I visited the winery, a bell tower had been built and only awaited chimes from New York for the sounds of the winery to ring out over the Esk Valley.

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Ngatarawa Wines Ltd

Joint enterprises between a winemaker/viticulturist and landowners take many forms in New Zealand. Alwyn Corban and Gary Glazebrook did meet, and in 1981 entered into a formal business association that lasted until 1999. It began as a legal partnership with

Ngatarawa in the Bridge Pa formal reviews at seven-year intervals. At the first of these in 1988, both parties agreed triangle. Tm Whittaker to form a company, each owning 50 per cent, giving them the option later to distribute their shareholding to their beneficiaries. Brian Corban, Alwyn’s cousin, became a director at this time, as did Gary Glazebrook’s daughter.

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