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One of my biggest struggles with travelling all the time is trying to keep fit now if you were gone for short trips this isn’t really a big issue however if you are gone for longer trips or if you are a fitness enthusiast then, this is an issue that might concern, you now, you might have seen my first post with Abid how I talk about how travel helps me live a full life if you did miss it. I’m gonna leave the links in the description down below for this post.

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I am back with Abbott to give, you my tips. And tricks on keeping fit. And active while traveling abroad since.

I believe the thing fit. And healthy is. So essential to living a full life bring workout gear my first tip is to make sure that, you have a pair of running shoes.

And workout clothes with, you every single time, you travel simple. I know but. I’ve made the excuse.

And not to work up before many times simply because. I not have the gear. So bring the gear.

And then, you have no excuse walk the easiest cheapest. And simplest way to keep active on the road is to keep moving, you don’t have to do workouts on the road if you spend hours each day walking. And exploring the destinations that, you are there to visit also you’ll save money on transportation when, you walk.

So saving money keeping fit, it’s a win-win situation choose active activities when planning adventures in the places, you are traveling to plan lots of active things to do things like whitewater rafting ziplining skiing scuba diving. And snorkeling all these activities are super fun. And they keep, you active swim a lot of the time when, you travel especially in warmer climates, you are going to be around water what a perfect opportunity to swim laps in the pool or in the ocean or the lake if.

I’m going to a warmer climate. I’m bringing a pair of goggles with me. And.

I’m simply gonna swim laughs rent a bike cheap fun active transportation just make sure, you either have a map or GPS. So, you know where, you are going take the stairs make sure, you make it your mission that every Hotel hostel guest house that, you stay in that, you take the stairs not only are, you saving energy you’re adding a little workout multiple times each day hotel gyms book hotels with gyms they are quite common in new hotels seriously not many people take advantage of hotel gyms now it could kind of be a mixed grab bag in terms of equipment. And its quality, but, you can almost always find either an elliptical or treadmill plus some mats.

And free weights or a general-purpose machine makeshift hotel room gyms if your hotel does not have a gym your hotel room has the floor my advice is to set up a workout routine, you are comfortable with before, you go travel therefore it is easier to adjust when, you are traveling outdoor public gyms these are becoming more. And more popular all around the world they are public outdoor gyms that, you can find in parks in a lot of major cities around the world. So not only is if, this is in the park gonna be beautiful you’re also gonna get in a workout gym gyms that’s right chances are wherever you’re going there’s gonna be a regular gym at most regular gyms offer drop-in rates drop-in workout go explore take a class Yoga tends to be the most universal meaning that, you could find it in a lot of places around the world, you can also sign up to learn a new type of dance from wherever you’re traveling to, you know salsa ChaCha tango anyone go to the club yes dancing at nightclubs is still dancing.

So go out have some fun just make sure, you aren’t cows reacting all your fun dance moves with food. And drink go for a run, this is probably the one. I use the most often behind walking.

I go for a run, it’s a great way to see places that. I’m visiting a big tip is to plan your runs in the morning therefore, you don’t have to worry about trying to schedule it in. And all your travels of the day and, you don’t have to worry about that check-in checkout period for your accommodation.

So there, you have it at the end of the day there are many ways to keep fit on the road, but, it’s up to, you to do something to motivate yourself because fitness is such an important part of living a full life so. I would love to see what steps, you guys. And gals take in living your best life when you’re on the road what ways do, you keep active when you’re away from home whether, it’s Fitness Travel family we’re all day above avid and.

I want to hear what helps, you live a full life seriously share your stories using the philosophy hashtag on Instagram Twitter Facebook etc. And let’s inspire. And motivate others in the description.

I’m going to put more information on where, you can take a quiz. And find a ton more information on how, you can live your life more fully. And after, you take the quiz be sure to let me know in the comments here thank you.

So much for reading this post. And don’t forget to comment to my blog and. I will see, you again next time bye.

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