Somewhere is here guys and. I can’t wait because it is a perfect time to go out. And explore more of Canada right now.

I’m doing a little bit of camping trip here in beautiful BC. And for this post. I partnered with photoblog which is an environmentally friendly premium box wine company made with a hundred percent recyclable fibers.

The PERFECT CANADIAN Canoe Trip Photo Gallery

And BPA BPA free winding its way we’re practical for packing. And perfect for our will spray shipping adventure we had our first stop. And that is that’s false which is one of many waterfalls here in Wells great.

So let’s go take a look as, you over the phone all right waterfall ranking give it a ten out of eight out of ten marbles I’ll give it at me. I give it a if we retired will star pupils. And star waterfalls Healthcare Falls you’re welcome, this is the shining gem and.

So far our favorite waterfall it is aptly setting it is springtime for like perfect time to come in because all of the glacier runoff is coming through Falls. So, it’s super super powerful right now. I figure where we can write because we’re renting canoes tomorrow, but we don’t know where we need to go what do, you mean no fact we don’t know where we’re going.

I think, it’s backed by our campsite yeah we just finished dinner. And we’ve got a fire, this is our first campsite we are at Clearwater Lake camping grounds. And we are going to roast marshmallows the Rustom no that’s for that, it’s more.

I’m on a stick funny mission. I found two sticks that. I want to use, but they’re okay their spires guarding my stick, you need to come help, you yeah there’s going to be other sticks around where, you see, you oh.

I have six success all right nice will do. I have gathered all the ingredients, you can see we have all the ingredients required to make our very own vegan s’mores as these are all vegan ingredients including marshmallows ooh go. And we’re going to finish this morph maybe have a few more.

And enjoy the rest of evening by the campfire. We’ll see, you guys in the morning do some coffee this morning we are just leaving our first campsite we’re going to go fill up our water bottles. And Susie can, you all right we got canoe Kenny Shaq girl of stuff now.

I will stop with this canoe in the water wait what put it in the water no okay put in the water first yeah we’re also gonna have to put it in with all the gear is give me two bratty true alright we are off. So we just left the Clearwater Lake boat launch. And we have all of our stuff tied up into the canoe.

And right now we are going to be crossing Clearwater Lake because that is where we’re going to be canoeing over on the west side because that is the easier. And safest side right that alright guys it is lunchtime I’m so excited citizens divers love about our halfway point on our canoe trip a perfect place to stop.

And have our little picnic alright. So we got our photo box mini seven yellow. And then our sandwiches we started Clearwater folks campground we canoed across the lake.

And we canoed all the way up this side pass divers left. And now we are going to continue all the way up here to archers campground. And now.

I got the map wet good job maybe by the rights of smelling is actually a really long time. And a lot of canoeing how many climbers use it again what is open twenty-something kilometer boom boy yeah. So is doctor Karcher it is spot fund anytime so.

I got two options stop looking at one over there now that we’ve settled everything into camp it is dinner time. And first thing on the menu is a Greek salad, it’s kind of like an Indian Greek salad because we got Tomatoes we got cucumber we got vegan cheese. And no all of these posts.

I do not like allah’s balsamic vinegar olive oil. I’m going to mix that all together phone Creek salad next. I’m going to take these dry Norma’s fun.

And. I’m going to cut up some bread bowls for our main course now Matt is emptying up the chili. And now, you know what, this is missing chili chili.

And one as a compliment our dinner tonight we will be having the Bois de box Cabernet Sauvignon. So this one was actually recommended by Wine Spectator magazine. And it comes in 100% recyclable packaging which is awesome because that’s right, this is plastic as well there’s no glass no bottles here.

So there’s a chance of breaking which is perfect when, you are camping when you’re in the wilderness. And when, you were in transportation travel mode one one for, you. And one for, you here’s hey from tent lice, it’s like 8 a.

m. And you’re just getting up.

And about to have breakfast. And then pack up our campsite here there, you go our campsite is all cleared up. And our stuff is all down by the canoe including our garbage because No Trace camping nine hours of paddling later how do, you feel man pretty good pretty sore arm pretty tired well.

I hope, you have enjoyed exploring more of wells gray Clearwater Lake. And beautiful British Columbia we are going to go doc this canoe. And head on home jump good time map, you too alright thanks.

So much for reading and. We’ll see, you guys concern by that says bye. ?

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