Hola amigos in posts. And Sonia we’re in spain asturias spain the next few days exploring.

And for this post we partnered with American Tourister to show, you our six word itinerary we got three different spots to hit up medieval architecture Spanish fun. And rugged landscape. I’m looking.


I do first stop is soffietta which is the capital city of. And Soria which stories is the region since our first city that were come again, this is the Santa Maria de now. I’m going is a free rope nest your church’s mplt lilo it is another native country pre-romanesque church built in 840 880 also up on the hillside overlooking Oviedo and, this is the Cathedral of San Salvador it is an eighth century Roman Catholic Church Cathedral inside is actually a unesco world heritage site because in the eighth century equally arc from jerusalem came here.

And there’s actually the police route. And that the church itself was filter out architectural. So going along.

And the building got like Romanesque baroque gothic you’ve got it all is a, it’s just medieval architecture. I setup phrase up as. I got myself some burgerking it burger rectangle issues.

And that, you guys felt like a $3,000 fried playbook on Cheryl no no, it’s okay, you having a lovely lunch. So, this is about, you that we’ve come across right here statute what this man has that’s a large suitcase there probably a youtuber. And that’s all is here.

I’m guessing oh yeah they’re getting dinner at food Alero is a seaside fishing village. So naturally. I’m going to solid.

And that’s it. And adorable we are introduced Ella, this is our combination, but it makes two nights we are going to be exploring floor on hysteria first up we have slowly since. I have ever de cèlle literally see it from our window.

And tomorrow your day piece is robust. So there’s going to be some rugged landscapes come off the mountain there, it’s like right there, you can literally see, you a better window. I’ve never seen.

So many motorcycles people riding motorcycles in a row like, it’s literally been going on for like ten minutes now literally. I’m not even. I’m not even exaggerating it is toward a motorcycle all right we’re kind of walking along the boardwalk of the main circuit town, but that is the main area of Rosella over on this part is more of the residential area.

And the playa. So the beach which clearly nobody is that right now as, you can see by my lovely rain jacket, it’s a bit chilly. I just wish it was a bit warmer what’s happening over really missing my Spanish son.

And wanting it to promote anytime now anytime no no there’s definitely people out there in the ocean yeah fuel surfboards we’re definitely on the coast. And as very very windy now the actual town itself is sheltered from all this which of the coast in the inland what we wanted to see the rugged west coast same Northcote actually like northwest coast the same. I mean for like seaside town this one snails that take the cake or the fish because we’re on a fishing town.

I don’t know, you have really try to Los magazine yet. So there are a lot of different fire houses here. So we’re trying to fighter, it’s a very interesting way that they pour it.

And gently stir get really fast because it actually changes the velocity flavor the flavor. And the good avocation they all go to like for both in every case, you do think, it’s ours now but I mean just have like a tiny bit of time, you don’t sit up like I’ll Park it to, you my favorite place literally, it’s literally koi Sarah’s artist at OHS, it’s the particular cat hey, you like to, you probably really good cheese isn’t it, it’s actually probably really good we literally just blaring anyone cheese who needs dinner.

I do yes yes yes it is a beach day and. I soak this Sun has come out. And it is.

So nice oh. And the beach is looking just. So we are going to soak up some Sun any fun here on the beach before we head up.

And over to the mountains today cuz we drink to do ropa quick little pit stop here. And comments Jonas, this is a beautiful little town that we are stopping at for this lovely region of hummus Jonas actually used to be the capital Virginia a serious, but now it is welcome to. And, it’s Roman bridge, you know, it’s called Roman bridge is actually built in medieval times 13th century with a medieval bridge.

And we’re taking photos of it because it is absolutely stunning it is one of the super bridges either we’re driving up to here we’re going to do some hiking. And explore the rugged landscapes of penis zero plus back down bakery commanded to our first mirror door utterly gorgeous apart. I can’t wait to explore more we have a little bit of IQ data.

So, this is like the first stop after like five minutes while we are here Lagos Zhukova dona these are the lakes of cadonia there is a grouping of lakes that, you can come visit here it is one of the many sections of Pico 0fo we chose to come here because well. I mean take a look, it’s absolutely gorgeous everyone to check out some of the lake this one is Lago di Akina it is again one of the many legs. So, you can go explore here there are a whole bunch of hiking trails that, you can do ranging in difficulty levels we’re doing the easy ones today because there are like four or five six hour plus, but, you know what’s missing though.

I think we’re missing a little bit more cowbell can, you is just a wee bit more cowbell all right we are all packed up. And ready to head out Spain you’ve been absolutely wonderful, but the rain is coming. So that means, it’s time to head on to our next destination see, you guys next time.

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