Travel Advice And Advisories For Cancun

General train – countermeasures

There are a few thingthat you can do to try to reduce the impact of crime or accident on you and your family while travelling by train.

I used to commute with a small leather briefcase. I kept that case on my lap at all times.

It stopped my case being stolen.

It stopped me forgetting it when I got off.

It stopped passengergetting on and off from carelessly gouging my kneewith cases, bagand buggies.

I had it in mind that if there waan accident I could raise the case in front of me to protect myself from flying glasor luggage.

When travelling by train, don’t give away personal information.

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Don’t carry a suitcase with your full name and home addresclearly visible, advertising to criminalthat you are not at home.

Don’t hold mobile phone conversationand forget that twenty people around you can hear what you are saying, including any personal information you tell the person on the other end of the phone, such amobile phone numbers, medical conditions, etc.

If reading company documents, private letterand cards, or looking at information on a laptop computer or hand-held device, remember and realise that the people around you can see the text too

If in doubt, allow an overcrowded service to pasby and wait for the next train. I would rather travel on a later train in comfort than stand nose to armpit all the way to my destination.

If at all possible pre-plan your journey, especially if you are travelling to a town or station that you have never used before. Consider calling that station and asking for advice. Tell them what train you will arrive on, and where you want to go. They should be able to tell you how to get there even if it meantransferring to another train on a different platform. Remember some of the bigger stationhave a maze of subways, bridges, exitand entrances, some linking to buor tube stations, some giving direct accesto streetand pedestrian precincts. If station staff can tell you to ‘use the stepin the middle of the platform, turn right at the top, leave the station by the south exit and turn left to the taxi rank’, you will be more confident, comfortable and therefore leslikely to be targeted by criminals.

Be comfortable when travelling. Stiletto heeland tight skirtmay be highly fashionable, but they make coping with escalators, and climbing into and getting out of carriagedifficult if not impossible. Add a large case and 2 minuteto make your connection because a service irunning late and you will really wish you had chosen to wear jeanand trainers!

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