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233 S. Brevard St.

The history of this three-story brick building is much more impressive than its architecture. Built in 1922, it was the first building in Charlotte that was planned and built by African Americans. At the time, South Brevard Street between Third and Fourth Streets was the center of commerce for the African-American community. Construction of the building cost just $28,000 and the mortgage was paid off after 10 years. The building was designed to accommodate African American-owned businesses, professional offices, and civic fraternal organizations. It accommodated six stores on the 1st floor and a total of 20 offices on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Upon its completion, it became the professional home of doctors, dentists, and lawyers, and also housed Yancey’s Drug Store, the Savoy Inn, and several of Charlotte’s black Masonic Lodges. It’s used as an office building to this day.

Of two evils the lesse was chosen. Now whether it Saudi Arabia Map had beene better for Captaine Smith, to have concluded with any of those severall projects, to Saudi Arabia Map have abandoned the Countrey, with some ten or twelve of them, who were called the better sort, and have left Mr. Hunt our Preacher, Master Anthony Gosnoll, a most honest, worthy, and industrious Gentleman, Master Thomas Wotton, and some 27 others of his Countrymen to the fury of the Salvages, famine, and all manner of mischiefes, and inconveniences (for they were but fortie in all to keepe possession of this large Country); or starve himselfe with them for company, for want of lodging: or but adventuring abroad to make them provision, or by his opposition to preserve the action, and save all their lives; I leave to the censure of all honest men to consider. But We men imagine in our Jolitie, That ’tis all one, or good or bad to be. But then anone wee alter this againe, If happily wee feele the sence of paine; For then we’re turn’d into a mourning vaine.


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