Traveller: Hi, What do I need to travel to Singapore?

Travel Agent: Sir, you will need a Visa besides the air-ticket.

Traveller: No, I dont. My friend visited last month and he had a MasterCard.

Okay, most people aren’t that dumb, but to hack travel you need more than just the passport, and the visa. Without wasting any further time and space, let us jump right into it.

So here is your toolkit to get started:

1. Credit Card.


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You must have at least one International Credit Card.

2. Frequent Flyer Membership. You must obtain frequent flyer membership to at least one airline.

3. Hotel Loyalty Program Membership. You should get loyalty program membership in at least one hotel chain.

4. International Identity Cards – International Student Identity Card (ISIC) for full time students aged 12 or more; International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) for youngsters less than 30 years of age and International Teachers Identity Card (ITIC).

5. Hostel Membership – Hostelling International (HI) Membership.

6. A computer (laptop, desktop, tablet etc. ) with Internet connection.

I will explain all of these tools now. Please be advised that you should take this as a guideline and not an endorsement of any company or product.

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