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Looking for a meal deal but aren’t turned on by coupons? Look no further than the Mill on Morrison, a stylish and snazzy operation run by five local hospitality folk demonstrating that good value and great food needn’t be mutually exclusive. Informal in style and black-and-white in decor, this former flour mill just around the corner from Salamanca is a sweet discovery for a long lunch, quick snack or super supper. The deal with the meals is this: choose from the tapas-style menu to sample the bounty of Tasmanian produce at a price that suits you. There are more than 40 micro dishes on the menu, variously priced at $5, $10 or $15. From oysters six ways to cute mini burgers, the artful presentation will please the aesthetically minded. Alternatively, cut straight to the culinary chase with the $40, $50 or $60 chef’s selection – a kind of affordable degustation of tasty morsels that just keep coming. And coming. Vegetarians needn’t be put off – plenty of dishes are animal-free. If you prefer one big dish all to yourself, there are also mains available, most notably char-grilled anything. Local ales from the island’s boutique breweries beg to be quaffed, or sample your way through the Tassie-centric wine list with 75 ml tasting glasses. And there are cocktails too, with weekly specials. The sundae list as long as your leg (incorporating such delights as hokey-pokey icecream) totally seals this fabulous meal deal.

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