Treatment Options for Back, Neck and Disc Injury When Traveling

I am sure you have all experienced some form of pain in the neck or back when traveling a lot. No, I am not just talking of jet-lag, yet, that could probably also be included. I have lately noticed when having more than one flight a week, I tend to be suffering from chronic neck and lower back pain.
At first, I just thought I sat incorrectly or slept at an angle, yet, even with orthopedic pillows and first class flying, my problems did not seem to subdue.

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I was not aware that I had hurt myself anywhere or with any activity, thus, it was the last thing on my mind. After a couple of massages and loads of pain medication, I finally decided to go see my doctor.

Treatment started with some intense massages, antibiotics, and muscle relaxers. These didn’t much improve my pain and discomfort though. The next step was x-rays, yet, there were no real issues that could be seen and we moved on to a CAT scan, which, still did not reveal an issue.

My doctor was at this stage kind of baffled and my traveling became less and less as my pain increased. This was no good for me as my work requires me to travel. So, I decided it was time for a second opinion and maybe even some new therapy methods.

After some intense reading on this flight and that one, I came across an article on stem cell therapy. Once back in New York, I did some research on this subject and also doctors who may offer such treatment methods.

I discovered that this type of treatment can actually assist with a variety of medical issues. These include back, neck and even disk injuries, as well as procedures or treatment for issues of the knee, foot, ankle, hips and more. I was quite taken by the amount of information I could find online and the success of these treatments.

What was even better than all of this, was the fact that I could have stem cell therapy treatments in my area as there were available clinics quite close to where I live. I made an appointment and actually felt relieved that my pain would soon be something of the past.

I arrived to find a helpful team of specialists ready to assist me and felt quite at ease. I had some more tests done and was told in detail who the treatment works, in addition to what to expect during and after treatment.

I felt comfortable and was ready to proceed. Once all the forms were completed and signed, I was ready to receive my first treatment. Depending on the results, I may have to come back for one or two more treatments.

Bone marrow was extracted from my spine and was placed in a machine to be activated. Once this process was completed, the regenerative cells were injected into the areas where I was experiencing issues and I was sent home. There were a couple of things I had to do as well such as taking it easy, getting enough rest and returning for a follow-up appointment, which I obviously did.

The next evening my pain started to subdue without taking any form of pain medication, and I started to feel better. After the first week, I went back and the doctor did another set of tests, the results showed positive results which means the treatment is working.

To me this was great news, yet, I was still to stay at home for another week or so and would have another treatment the next day.

That has been over two months back, and today, I can look back giving thanks to stem cell therapy for the relief of my pain, but more for the healing of my back and neck.

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