WEEKEND CARRY-ON Travel Packing Guide

Hi guys hello.

And welcome to my weekend travel packing guide or carry-on Travel packing guide because, this is also valid for carry ons now this guide is going to be most applicable to people who are going away for a weekend trip or a 2 to 3 to 4 day long trip. So. I’m going to pack everything in a carry-on however, you could check it as well.

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So, it’s up to, you if you wanted to carry on or if you want to check the bags both are the exact same size. So it doesn’t really matter alright. So let’s get started first bag selection.

I like to have a hard case with a built-in TSA lock. And strong sturdy wheels now before. I start packing a first thing.

I do is. I checked the weather then I’ll plan on my outfits one for each day in accordance to that weather to save space. And to prevent my clothes from wrinkling I’ll roll them up.

And put them into packing cubes now. We’ll start putting stuff into our case first we put in the awkward big thing in my case, it’s tripods. And GoPro six then I’ll put the packing cubes in.

And I’ll stroll up any leftover clothes. And kind of just fit them in for toiletries. I keep a very simple bag with travel sized containers of conditioner shampoo toothpaste the travel size up toothbrush little bit of floss really nothing crazy.

And a travel safe hairspray all of my liquids will be under a hundred milliliters or three ounces. And I’ll place this in a large ziploc bag regardless if. I’m checking this bag in or if.

I’m doing it as a carry-on then I’ll go ahead. And pack my cosmetics. I pick a bag that has a separate compartment for my brushes to prevent them from getting squished I’ll then place those bags into my suitcase plus I’ll add another soft bag that has all of my intimates aka my underwear in there as well as I’ll add in any footwear that.

I will require for the trip of course there is still room for runners or pair heels if you need then I’ll also add in a rain jacket plus I’ll kind of place my socks in wherever they’re spaced any hats. And sunglasses. I will wear or I’ll have in my backpack carry-on I’ll also add my hair appliances usually, it’s all my hair straightener no dryer since.

I know that in this case. I will be staying in hotels. And then that’s it for my hard case now.

I’m sure, you notice. I didn’t put any valuables in my carry case that’s because. I like to carry all my camera gear.

And laptop in a backpack on my back never ever put valuables in your check luggage however though in this case if you are indeed carrying on the hard case bag as well then, you don’t need to worry about that, you could put valuables in that because you’re carrying it all on angling for items like my passport. And frequent flyer cards. I like to keep them all in a passport holder case, this is very handy.

And just keeps everything really organized. And that will go in my backpack as well. I also like to have a small purse where.

I keep my wallet. And my phone as well as I’ll add some other things like a hand lotion or umbrella in just to kind of have really easy access. I will also choose my heaviest set of clothes and I will wear those clothes. And there, you go that’s it we are all packed all right there we go. So we’re all set to go on our trip.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post if you have please give a thumbs up thank you. So much for reading don’t forget to comment if you aren’t already for more posts from me and I will see, you guys again in a few days time with another post bye.

So let me show, you guys our first accomodation that we’re staying at. So we’re staying here. ?

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