Hey guys how you doing today. So it is our first real day here in Costa Rica, and we’re just getting a tour of the Costa Rican Language Academy, and we’re just kind of getting shown around cuz a lot of people they will come here, and learn Spanish for a week before they go on the projects they were just sat down we’ve seen other classes it’s a really nice school I kind of wish we could stay a week here to learn all we know is no. So we just finished up just chatting about all the different projects we’re doing we’re so excited spoilers we might have to look after a baby sloth. So we’re excited. But now we realize that we needed dark clothing for the sea turtles.


Because a lot of the conservation happens at night yeah anyway you’ve seen my rain chocolate jacket is bright pink. So, I’m just going to find some like to cheap dark-colored rain jackets just. Because in my train it is the rainy season even though they haven’t had much rain this year. So we’re just here walking down the street it was hard going to the shops. Because in all good speak English. So, I’m trying to say do you have a lie like a flash torch, and they had no idea it was so hard she had to write down how much we are moto.

Because we didn’t know the numbers yeah Spanish. Because it was like I should just call it out. But then we’re like she’s not gonna call it out by 17,000 is gonna be like she was like trying to shop, and not being able to speak, and no one around speaking English we’ve been taking countries before like Bali, and Captain Thailand, and anythin like Fiji tight, and like Tahiti, and stuff they could all speak English yeah this is a bit of a culture shock for us apparently a lot of Europeans are gonna be volunteering with us. So there’s gonna be people there at the project. So you know actually makes new friends from I think uh speak English all we try, and learn a bit of Spanish. But yeah I think we might just download, and have to try to teach us the basics yeah. But now we’re just heading back to have some lunch the weather is nice here in Costa Rica it’s nice to be in shorts, and a shirt yeah traditional Costa Rican loved it’s a bit messy.

But work as beans rice veggies some salad, and then he was explaining this before, I’m not too sure what it is. But it’s kind of like good banana. But it’s not a banana kind of taste it. So yeah we just got like a 45-minute Drive, and then we’ve just come to the approach check we’re gonna be spending the next week at. So we’ll check in, and see everyone, and then you show you guys around okay guys we’ve just arrived at Costa Rican Animal Rescue Center, and we’ve just had a little look around. But we’re shown around, and stuff like that, and now we’re going to show you guys around. So shall we.

So in december last year this place was actually on the other side of history, and what happened was someone wanted to build a big port for the cruise ships. So they had to destroy their whole animal rescue center like the people that were building the port destroyed it. So what they did was collected as many animals as they could. Because they didn’t have that much money brought through to this side of Costa Rica, and they only just open this place up I think in March they opened it up, and they’re busy trying to build your big cages for the animals at the moment. But if you go down here you’ll see really big cages at their building, and they also plans to build a big dome to fit a couple of different monkeys in, and stuff. But, I’ll take you down to it. But a lot of these animals are either injured, and getting ready to go back into the wild.

So we won’t be touching them much. But there’s a lot that were pets that were being mistreated that have been taken from the people that have owned the animal that are coming here. But they can’t get put back into the wild. Because since the littles they’ve always been handled by humans. So they can’t go back into the wild there’s a monkey down here, I’ll show you who’s actually an alcoholic. Because for five years he was caged up in a bar fed peanuts, and alcohol every night, and he’s been having like a hard time adjusting being away from the alcohol. So over the week we’ll share like the different stories or the animals.

Because there’s some really sad stories, and like especially this one Gandhi that’s Gandhi really affected doesn’t like humans. Because of the way he’s been treated this is yeah unfortunately a recovering alcoholic. Because of the way he was mistreated yeah as you can see they’re trying to bury some big cages or they miss one of the sloths my like heart is exploding right now it’s okay this is Kevin who’s an emu I didn’t think I was seeing EMU out of Australia her name is Simona Nonna her baby doesn’t have a name like she guys is a baby sloth Hey I was having a little sleep before hi. So yeah we pretty much just been looking around just kind of orientation day I think just meeting everyone yeah working everything works yeah people from my Canada, and Germany, and all over the world, and yes. So we’re just going to just short bats have dinner yeah you know yeah half now. So weird. Because the sun’s going down at like 5:30 6:00 are we like in kind of in Alaska this Sun was going down at like 11:00 yeah feels weird.

But, I’m you’re about to have dinner, and then I think bedtimes at 10:00, and then we have to wake up at 7:00 for breakfast, and then we’ll go we’ll show you through true the timetable, and how that all works you know why, I’m doing that work for the day, and stuff that all start tomorrow yes it will kind of give you a crash course of work that you do here, and then over the week will like show you some like one-on-one time with some of the really cute animals yeah share this story wider here, and some my dad listen there’s some stories yeah yeah well we’ll check in with you guys okay this is Bronco he’s a rescue dog you see with a chain with life whether there’s no further anymore see that’s what the chain was hello Donna my nothing on this is pretty much where we’re sleeping for the night there’s like six bunk beds it kind of like hostiles I guess it’s like no no lights out at 10:00. So everyone’s pretty much just come back to their rooms, and yeah bit of a chill day today tomorrow it’s it’s 6:00 for breakfast at 7:00, and then the day will start, and you’ll see how a whole day runs here at the Volunteer Center yeah. But, I’m excited to get into it yeah me too mm-hm huh, I’m itchin oh that guys no itching yeah.

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