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I am from bogota colombia. I’m the trip leader for the Colombian colonial jewels, and coffee triangle trip of overseas had been to travel. I was born, and raised in Bogota Colombia being growing here Columbia was a little bit tough during the eighties, and nineties with the drug dealer that everyone knows already powerless Kivar he just wanted to control the situation of the country, and at the end of the s with a gay realist with the far turn they had control most of the areas of the country fortunately right now things are getting better.

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I always thought to connect my travelers with the people especially with people that have been under conflict and This is the bad situation with soldiers if possible. So with us this cross the soldiers we met they are taking care of the country they feel proud of that. I’m.

So proud of my country, and having this opportunity to show. How the country has changed is for me like a dream my country has many many beautiful places landscapes luxurious like the coffee triangle beautiful city like kartha hain ab oh gotcha maryjean but for me the highlight of my country is the people in Colombians are among the most welcoming people in the world you don’t like coffee but. I’m gonna give you a coffee flower. So for me is a very good opportunity to change that mentality of travelers to change their opinion about that country with real deals with the real facts we are now open to the world we have many things to offer to share people are right now very proud, and its success.

I hope you to join me in this adventure, and do overseas adventure travel in this beautiful trip for sure the only risk you may have is wanting to stay you.

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