Best Travel Destinations For Vegetarians

Best Travel Destinations For Vegetarians

If you have children, always remember “prevention is better than cure”. It’s cheaper; saves a lot of hassle, worry, time and money. It can also save an organ, a limb or a life.

Vila! There is supervised child care on all major cruise ships. There was on those I cruised on! This means that you will have some free time for yourself; and, your children of minor ages will be professionally looked after, educated and entertained in groups ranging from ages 3 to 17. There is even even babysitting services provided from as early as three or six months to age 3; and, all babies’ needs are provided for on board.

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As I have said or indicated, I know this for a fact from my many cruises; plus, from travelling once with two of my own children. We did inquire at the service desk, though we did not enrol them in a children’s program.

That was in December 2001, when my third (Anguillian) wife.

“Hold it there!”, you stop me in my tracks to ask, “What happened to your WASP wife?”

As you rightly know, every good thing comes to an end at some point in time! My happy house came crashing down in April 1986 when, sad to say, my wife literally left me for another black man!

You cannot imagine the extent of my surprise nor depth of my grief! I was like a bird that had its wings singed. I was in a daze; and, rendered unable to focus or to teach effectively.

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