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This 4.5 mile hike crosses rolling terrain through a forest of mostly white birch and maple. At the beginning, the trail passes a number of stations that are part of a 0.5 mile Fitness Trail. Once on the circuit portion of the hike, the forest has an open understory, evidence of the thick canopy overhead that blocks out much of the sunlight. There are a couple of overlooks providing views of the surrounding countryside, including a nearby taconite mine in Virginia.

If you happen to have a map showing the streams and rivers that flow from this area, check it out. You ‘ 11 find a river that flows north to Canada, another that flows to Lake Superior, and a third flowing to the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico.


0.0 The hike begins by walking through the picnic area, bearing right at a sign for the fitness trails, and passing the trail to the left. In about 300 feet you’ll come to an intersection of a number of trails; turn right. Beyond this point, the main trail passes a number of fitness stations.

0.4 Trail intersection; Junction 1. Bear left passing the trail on the right.

0.5 A spur trail on the left ascends to an overlook on a rocky outcropping.

0.7 Cross under the powerline.

1.1 Trail intersection; Junction 4. Continue straight ahead passing a trail on the right.

1.3 Trail enters a small clearing and in about 75 feet turns right and reenters the forest.

1.4 Trail intersection; Junction 9. Bear left to begin the circuit portion of this hike passing the trail to the right.

1.8 Trail intersection; bear right passing the trail on the left. This is an unmarked intersection that does not appear on the information sheet.

2.1 Trail intersection; Junction 6. Continue straight ahead passing the trail on the left.

3.1 Trail intersection at Junction 9, completing the circuit portion of this hike. Bear left to return to the trailhead.

4.1 Trail intersection; Junction 1. Bear right.

4.4 Trail intersection; turn left.

4.5 Trailhead.

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