Ending Our Canada Trip in Vancouver Let 2018 Begin

Okay guys hear me out kiddo matt is a small town there is no cinema here, and we went to see Star Wars we had to drive 45 minutes to terrace.

But if there’s one thing or one movie that comes to mind when we are chatting about Beck is pitch perfect. Because when we came, and hanged up with their family in Utah pitch perfect or just come out, and that’s pretty much oh you watch all the time last night we put the sequel on just to rewatch it before the third one, and Beck, and Hayden we’re pretty much quite in the entire movie. So today we’re driving mm 15 minutes to the nearest cinema that is playing that. Because terrace is currently just playing Star Wars infernum, and say yeah another epic journey. But this time is set up to a Timmy’s we’re going to see the new pitch-perfect one medium white hot chocolate actually two of those one go-to medium , I’ll go in Prince Rupert everybody going off for some lunch right on the waterfront it’s actually quite a cute little town it’s it’s only like 1 o’clock. But I feel like this Sun is gonna be setting soon it’s a bigger than Paris, and kid of Matt they have four screens at the cinema always judge it on that lever McDonald’s as well as Kitimat doesn’t have yeah we come out to cargo kitchen which is right on the waterfront which is so beautiful remise of your desolation sound where we did the kayaking trip two years ago hungry yes I still can’t get over the views yeah.

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But lunch has just arrived we’ve decided to go for a salmon burger which I didn’t know you could get that looks pretty good why the fish, and chips does look good all the kids fishing trips do the older extra layers actually do you want to see that wasn’t too bad. But this is why we’ve driven two, and a half hours the old Prince Rupert’s cinema just reading the Mamamia to soundtrack yep I think driving the six hours Timmy’s was more enjoyable than seen through that hour-and-a-half movie what wasn’t very good soundtrack wasn’t very good. But tonight we’re going to our first ice hockey game I don’t even like sports I don’t even care about ice on people wait in Canada the local kid in my team is playing Terrace it’s a home team, and ever had leaked in about to sucks. But it’s gonna be good it’s gonna be good seen our first ice hockey game gonna go get snug up. Because it is freezing outside. But uh let’s take you guys along to see an ice hockey game here in Canada laughter I saw he gave last time we were in Canada we made the huge mistake of coming to see one, and now comes the big thing sold out it’s the last day of the year about it it’s an insane year. But a good one, and Paul bought firework oh yeah that’s the thing yeah you can buy firework it’s illegal in Canada except for two days Christmas isn’t Christmas anyway that gave us a shrug of not knowing.

But I think Paul is saying that Christmas Day, and you is Eve you can set off fireworks. So this is gonna be fun. Because I’ve never seen the fireworks set off from someone’s house before I’ve got two boxes full of fireworks this is just insane first ones on come on Paul run he’s gonna get it first just run grand finale Rick’s opponent, I’m out of yeah all right coming close no I said close Steve I suppose now that is 2018 this bad boys got a switch off we’re leaving kid Matt, and it finally decides the snow hopefully it’s fine taking off they later Kitimat okay guys we are wanting to do one major resolution here in 2018, and that is to meet more of you guys, and not just you know viewers. But also other content creators here on. So the first of January we’re kicking it off we are going to be spending five days here in Vancouver with someone else that does is Ashley Josh from a blog called the way away. So if you want to hang out in Vancouver, and were like yes that sounds good we’re gonna go meet some meet some strangers on the internet, and hang out for a week yeah I play it all fit I can now breathe again. Because we had finally eaten something like 2:30, and we finally have something.

But I said I quickly without the camera. Because we’re back at metro town, and I feel like this playing through the blog for you guys it’s just gonna be us walking down memory lane we didn’t know we said like three months here in Vancouver three years ago when we first did our year travel, I’m not gonna link the posts that it was completely terrible go back in Metro town which means just spent so much time at when we were living here we’d always come out here, and I it was like a Super Value store which was the grocery store they did such good deep-dish pizza drew Jessa’s brother – you’re reading this you probably gonna remember Metro town a lot I like going down the critical walk down memory lane a little smile to you babe all right guys it’s been a few hours later and, I’ll give you a very quick also to introduce you to our loud friends that we’re gonna be hanging out with. So this is Ashley, and this is the loud one. So we are renting out an Airbnb which is like honestly the best way to travel it’s small it’s a two-bedroom. So this is the bedroom can I come in with you guys some of it, I’m just charging, and they were nice enough cuz this is in the master bedroom. So nice, and us – let us have the master bedroom. So thank you guys so much anywhere the kitchen which is messy.

Because we just cooked food, and then we also have our bedroom over here which is awesome. But, I’m kind of tired from the travel. So we’ll see you guys tomorrow, and we’ll go explore a lot more of an Cooper little.

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