Hello 2018 Its a new year Which means new year’s resolutions To travel more I know its on your list So that’s why I’m here To help you decide where to go and tell you a bit more about how I pick my next travel destination So I break these down into two categories Inspiration and practicality First off, inspiration The fun part Social Media Blogs, instagram, I find photos so inspiring when trying to figure out ideas of where I should go That’s why I love instagram so so much p.s. you should totally follow me on Instagram.

How I decide WHERE to TRAVEL NEXT Photo Gallery

I post tons of photos One of the biggest influences for me is actually to ask around fellow travelers So while I’m on a current trip, or if I’m planning my next trip it’s just talking to them and seeing where did they go what did they like and hearing their recommendations of awesome cool places to visit word of mouth is so powerful and this is a great way to start getting inspirations for your next trip on your current trip or when you’re on your current trip to get inspiration for other things to continue on your travels with My favorite ways to get started is first off seeing what’s available to me The everywhere feature on the skyscanner app is perfect for getting an idea of where to go and what period of time and for what budget so the explore everywhere tab, I’ve put in my start location, click everywhere then it kinda gives me top deals in areas in Canada Ooo there’s some cool Cuba, Germany Or I can type in, like, a specific week and then for that period of time it will give me prices in different areas these are prices for Mexico, ooo Japan, Ireland All sorts of ideas of how much it will cost me during that period of time Weekend traveler? Weekend breaks Starting location, everywhere, and it puts the dates in of that weekend Great for getting a starting inspiration of where I can go What’s the environment gonna be like? Or that you want it to be like Are you trying to get warm, lie on a beach, go skiing, hike through the jungle, explore the urbanscapes What environment speaks to your soul? What do you want to do?

I mean, what actives and cultural experiences are you looking for? Are you looking to go on a three day hiking trip or eating a ton of food How about going shopping or seeing some museums hobbies, aka, do you want to plan a trip around your favorite activity such as scuba diving or sailing or golfing then comes the practiciality to travel or to vacation, that is the question No seriously, mean that’s actually generally a question There is a very big difference between the two, and you need to decide what it is that you are looking for traveling is exhausting, its more tiring than, its more work, and if you are burnt out already, and tired, maybe you just need a vacation sometimes we just want to escape and have a quiet peaceful time to relax, all to ourselves a.k.a. a vacation decide how long you want to travel when you have a limited amount of time spending most of the time traveling to and form the destination isn’t really ideal or budget friendly spend a bit more money and go somewhere far away and exotic take advantage of the time because once you’re on the ground things are going to be a lot cheeper festivals or events? are your traveling at a particular time to a certian place? See if there’s any festivals or events to enjoy while you are there or see if there’s any festivals or events to kind of plan your trip around What’s the budget? you definitely need to know your budget going in to any sort of trip planning process but once you kinda have a few ideas, you can scope out how much you can generally afford.

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