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Bev and I have investigated some of the creepiest prisons in America, including Eastern State Penitentiary, Ohio State Reformatory and Moundsville Penitentiary. Although the old Allegan jail is in excellent condition compared to the others, the eerie sensation still inched its way upward as we stared down the row of second floor cells. This had been the general population area designed for male prisoners.

The historical society had redone portions of the cellblock to recreate a historical village. One chamber was setup like an old dentist’s office. I chuckled at the site of a child mannequin sitting calm and collected in the dentist’s chair. It was looking rather fly with oversized sunglasses perched on its little mannequin nose. Apparently the little dude was quite fearless of the dentist’s drill. Another cell was set-up like an attorney’s office, another a barbershop.
At first this is a rather nondescript narrow metalled road, Las Vegas Map passing modern housing, but once you have left the houses behind, the surface becomes rougher and Las Vegas Map the surroundings become more rural. On a clear day you should see a line of hills on the horizon to your left; they belong to the Isle of Wight. Continue on, and as you do so you will see the waters of Chichester Harbour directly ahead of you. Just before you reach the water’s edge, you will notice a path going off to the left, with a gate wide enough for pushchairs. Proceed through the gate to follow the path that runs parallel with the water’s edge; at first you are shielded from the water by vegetation, but you can get good glimpses of the harbour and Ella Nore (about which more below) through the breaks. Be warned that this path can get very muddy in wet weather, the first excuse for the younger members of the party to have a whinge.

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