Map of Vientiane Laos

Hello guys welcome to dance the capital city of a couple different things habilitation clinic where basically they rehabilitate all the victims of unexploded bombs that go off in Laos no Laos was bombed a lot during the Vietnam War, it’s actually a most bombed country in the world its first off they are here at the arc do yes if you recognize this fairly that is a replica of the Paris arc de triumphe, but this one’s got bit more of an Asian sledge but.

So let’s go come back up. And take a look at. And just want to tell, you a bit about history.

Map of Vientiane Laos Photo Gallery

And why do we come. And see the stupa that is the symbol of the country. So admit my bad, you see the statues as the king said trotty loves to move the capital city to vientiane in 1568 e welcome to laos.

And also welcome to caucasus enter code never got to hear the people didn’t just buy one country talking about a secret war he given the war in the plant world there are many not many children have been described up. And have been killed by a cluster bomb is still over how many people per year there’s a lot of people customer is more explosive subways. And they can aspire elegant is it wonder when the profit.

And that one can open Conte decided upon is that a 684 one bombs US army they took 19 different kinds of resolve love country. And they love is a two hundred. And sixty million of custom own in love.

And light now is a female that on the ground that’s why, it’s many people have been teachers have been combined, it’s fun. So how come many people scare have been in just by the customer or by this one because, you know like 80% of now people we are bothered. So when they go to put a footprint her.

And the tempo. And mom when they step on the bomb stick a bomb on Exmoor. So this pan is are talking about hope what is called new yeah.

So focus provide politically, but for the people not be next. So like this one is because a law permitting like, you smoke with its meaning from here down. So instead we make is form please hopefully nobody ever the cost to make this one just for provided to the if they use.

And intubated they can come to get anyone’s okay everything for those people was to get put also of communism we did this thing here one month to 150 hey guys. I just wanna have a little one-on-one conversation with, you guys after the Copa Center begins. I know, it’s a lot to take in there’s a lot of information there one the fact that.

I’m very sick right now. I know, you can’t really tell, but yeah, it’s not really gonna paint your picture regardless it doesn’t really matter how sick. I am because in the day.

I still have all my limbs and. I am very lucky to be where. I am 75 bucks.

I just bought somebody a lake today. I know my legs worth a heck of a lot more than 75 bucks see, you guys Cambodia we’re going to Cambodia tomorrow okay. ?

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