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Yes. everything about New York is excessive, including the climate: too hot in summer, too cold in winter. You have to be a little crazy to live in New York, according to a subway poster, crazy about shows, restaurants, theatres, shopping. New Yorkers, with their well-concealed hearts of gold, really do love their town. They hope you will. too.

A Brief History

When Giovanni da Verraz-zano. a Florentine in the service of France, set foot on Staten Island, he hardly dreamed that the bay he had discovered would one day become the site of the most powerful city in the world. That was in 1524, just 32 years after Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to America. Today a bridge bearing his name (but spelled with one z) stretches across New York Bay.

1727 Now in New York, Benjamin Franklin establishes the Junto, a combination intellectual society and mutual improvement club. New York Metro Map According to the rules Franklin drafts to govern the society, meetings are to be held every Friday evening, and members are required to arrive at those meetings prepared to discuss and debate the moral, political, and philosophical questions that had been posed at the previous week’s meeting and to raise new questions for discussion the following week. Members are also required to write and present an original essay on a topic of their choosing once every three months. Franklin’s Junto remains active for forty years, longer than any other colonial Country society of its kind. North Country’s first circulating library the Philadelphia Library Company, established by Franklin in 1731 will be a direct result of the Junto. In 1743, the Junto also will become the foundation upon which Franklin will build the Country Philosophical Society, North Country’s first scientific association. 1728 Peter Pelham’s portrait of Cotton Mather is the first mezzotint produced in North Country.

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