Santa Maria Hotel Paraguay

This small hotel across the plaza from the Museo Santa Maria is run by Margaret Hebblethwaite an English theologist. Thanks to her strong interest in Jesuit history, the hotel has an excellent library. Margaret is a good resource on the Jesuits and the area’s missions. In addition, she works with the community on several projects and runs the Santa Maria Education fun which helps pay for community members’ education. Tel: 0781 283 311, 0981 861 553, Dr. Francia between Bernardino Caballero and Ciudad de Hayes across from the town plaza,, Gs.

130,000 per person (half price for Paraguayans), A/C, good library Getting There

The turn off to Santa Maria is located to the right-hand side of Route 1 just six kilometers past San Ignacio (if coming from Asuncion). From there it is ten kilometers to the center of town. A taxi from the center of town costs approximately Gs. 30,000.

From Asuncion the Mariscal Lopez bus line (tickets sold through Alborada) leaves at 11:45am

(approximately five hours) Monday through Saturday (Gs. 30,000). It is also relatively easy to hitch a ride from the turn off along Route 1.

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