How are, you feeling today the weather, but right now we’re waiting for a fast boat going straight El Nido normally this would have taken, you about eight to nine hours. I did it last year on the slow boat is actually really enjoyable, but luckily they’ve introduced a new fast boat it should be a pretty beautiful ride there as.


I remember last time, it’s one of the most incredible things you’ll see there going in between islands through incredible blue water boarding the Montenegro lines the next four. And a half hours or. So, this is our home we have just arrived here in the port of El Nido took about four maybe four.

And half hours to get here definitely faster than the boat. I took last year, but not as much of an experience like to be honest you’re on a budget don’t be disappointed the particular slow boat because, it’s a beautiful experience getting here whereas in this boat, you don’t really see out much, you just kind of wait to get here, but we’ve arrived in El Nido right at the footsteps of these incredible mountains Yassir Cristian nice to meet, you so. I was really excited to get tell them, you know but.

I think what. I’m actually more excited about right now is checking into our hotel, this is one of the most exclusive resorts in all of El Nido. And.

I’m really excited to check it out you’ve got to be kidding me. I did not expect to be on a separate island. I thought it was part of the mainland, but here we are on this little slice of paradise in El Nido of all places, this is like one of the most incredible landscapes to come across.

And the water at low is stupid clear Gatorade clear, this is the craziest resort entrance. I think. I’ve ever seen like, this is paradise, this is avatar.

I honestly was not prepared for this sort of beauty like, this is world-class, you can’t find this pretty much anywhere else in the world. I could not be more excited to be here. And these drone shots oh my gosh these drone shots are amazing.

So they’re getting here was very very wavy the winds are pretty strong today, you might even be able to tell it in those drone shots, but that boat takes it like a champ like there’s really no waves coming over, you stay completely dry which can’t be said for most of the boats we’ve been riding for the past almost month now Jamie and. I have been getting soaked on a daily basis from these little tiny vodkas for that boat just rips through those big waves right now. I feel like.

I’m trekking through the jungle. I love the quiet quaint feeling here it’s so beautiful so.

I think, it’s time. I formally introduced this hotel, this is Hawaiian island resort we came in docked on to this private island. And the rest is history check the room, it’s been a travel day, but like a very reasonable travel day.

I’m not even that tired gonna use tonight as an opportunity to get some really good food. I’m gonna do a bit of editing because they definitely have a lot of that to catch up on. So right now they got the infinity pool all lit up at like tea if you know what.

I mean just ate a delicious romaine salad which by the way. I have not had vegetables since getting to the Philippines. So that was much needed.

And the pizzas arrived no worries all right hey guys it is a fresh start to the day. And today is gonna be a really amazing day extremely cinematic right now Jamie and. I are heading to meet up with a couple buddies one.

I’ve actually not met before, but the other guy djaro met him in Bali probably about five to six months ago. So it’ll be cool to see him again. And to go.

And shoot around el nido alright that’s our boat out there as if you wanted help, but he said he’s Superman he’s good Superman here we go the final push Superman pulling us in we’d finally made it on the boat we didn’t fall in the ocean. So we’re off to a good start today one introduce, you to, this is revving probably like eight months poly today we’re actually doing the Toray which is probably the most popular tour, you can do here in El Nido the first stop is typically going to take, you here to small Lagoon as, you can see we don’t exactly have it to ourselves things have changed over the past two years two years ago there was probably one or two other boats last year there was probably five other boats this year. I guess there’s about 15 to 20 other boats.

And just about everyone has a kayak. So things have changed. I’m not gonna be the guy I’d be like oh.

I remember the old days when things used to be just me blah blah. I’ve heard that way too much for more people tried to reminisce on old days cuz let’s be honest we are living in the present, it’s still just as beautiful a place, you just have to share it with a lot more people Jamie is the driver of the day yeah awesome Superman watch this boat. I guess it’ll be today if it ever happens although chase the J stroke dam ladies he’s single slide into the DMS oh here comes rain times somehow put this camera away I’m.

So sorry camera. I’m just beating the crap out of, you on this trip massive waves coming overboard pouring rain. I have not been fair to, you.

And now we’re butts collide oh my gosh. I feel like, you did that intentionally okay, you had the entire Lagoon, you literally managed to hit it head to head. So there’s no denying the secret got out people now know about El Nido.

And even though, you won’t be able to enjoy a small lagoon to yourself anymore it still doesn’t take away from the incredible natural beauty that surrounds, you the drastic unforgiving limestone mountains that hug the beautiful blue waters that was my attempt to being an author, but back to the point. I still highly recommend Toure checking out small Lagoon, it’s one of the most beautiful places, but just be prepared to share with other travelers unless you’re there during the low season this would be your best chance at getting small Lagoon to yourself, but if you’re one of those people that want to have your own individual experiences. And you’re not a big fan of busy attractions well if you’re still in luck because El Nido has plenty of nooks.

And crannies all, you need is a private boat dan the fans are everywhere that’s nice. So, you guys a package deal coconuts forever enjoy thank, you we told our driver that we no longer wanted to do two hooray. And we actually just told them to find us a nice strip of land where we could have lunch.

And hang out just about 15 minutes away from small Lagoon was this private beach where only one other boat was located, this is definitely one of the main benefits of getting a private boat. And if you’ve got a group of four or more it can be done fairly affordably lunch right here on the beautiful private beach today. I’m actually using hello el nido comm.

And they’ve set up an entire private excursion for me. So. I’m really stoked to be here because otherwise.

I would be on a busy little boat with an orange lifejacket on, this is a lot better to me my number one tip when traveling is don’t be afraid to get lost like bring a compass or like a map or something like don’t get the completely lost, but don’t be afraid to go off the path yeah there’s a couple of them. I wonder if they attack well jellyfish we saw all the way here yeah. I got to know one it like washed up on my hand and.

I feel like a stringy thing wrapped around it. And. I’m like what’s going on.

I pull up my hand. And the jellyfish is like on my hand. I feel a bit of an irritation maybe it’ll pick up in a bit but.

I don’t know that’s not one of the poisons jellyfish. So we were told unless. I drop dead in which case Jamie is now the proud owner of the loss of lung blog.

And just remember me as a funny guy we’re pretty much had know from this private island, it’s been beautiful, it’s been really nice just eating good food now back to the boat the second most popular location in El Nido right after small Lagoon is its big brother big Lagoon, it’s just surrounded our final stop today, this is the big Lagoon. And if you saw my earlier drone flips. I saw a big Lagoon well it turns out it was the big Lagoon there was just no way to get into it earlier cuz the tide was too shallow.

So both like this couldn’t get in, you could actually walk your kayak in, but, you have to be committed enough to walk it over we were not we went to a private island that was the best choice we’re back now and. So our. I would say a good 100 150 other people’s Jarrell have, you been here yet yeah.

I’ve been here before three days ago believe this guys we’re going through the shallowest water people are walking through, it’s only like wait Steve, but we got some troopers to push our boat through which is pretty cool are we gonna be the only boat in there no way that’s awesome if you go during the week, it’s way less packed, you don’t see all these people yeah maybe see like 20 people which is really good. And now it’s so packed, it’s very.

I think if. I could give one tips don’t go on the weekends because, it’s just becoming high tide like our small enough boat can make it through here right now, but, it’s really ridiculous because everyone’s just kind of like hanging out like either with the kayak we’re just like swimming around low-key just pull through with our boat. And it feels a little obnoxious through like out of the way parting the Seas to get our boat in okay, this is amazing right now.

I feel like we’ve gotten some fire we do to ourselves finally is what about. So, this is the Instagram life he just picked up a paddle. And he hasn’t done anything today hey guys we just arrived Thank, you Renaud got it here.

I’m gonna go for a break do I’ll just tell them what, you did so. I drank the coconut. And then

I just swallowed it now. I spit it back in it, you go gonna take it take another photo, this is friends she’s been showing us around today thank you so much, it’s been.

So great. I hope, you enjoyed your tour today, it’s been great. I wish.

I was joining, you guys, but ran back to the resort now. And they’re staying on this really cool beach house right over there take care Olaf will miss, you it now we have to find our way back to the resort which probably took about 20 minutes with a speedboat ripping through huge waves yesterday now we’re going in this thing which is not nearly as fast. And the waves have been not good.

I need to put this thing away because every time the waves hit like we all get soaked. So. I’m about to go for a good swim.

I don’t want my camera to join me. And the usual gear on this trip Jamie and. I completely soaked lucky might divert cool.

So we made it back safely. I didn’t even blog what happened, but it was very interesting getting back. I tried to film with my phone but.

I couldn’t even get the start button to hit because everything was. So wet we were getting smashed in the waves luckily though we wrote the guy here safely hopefully the boat driver is able to return safely through these crazy waves right now we’re just back here at cool iron resort. And after this gonna head back to the room.

And do some editing. I hope, you enjoyed today’s post. And if you’re coming to the Philippines.

I’ve made an entire travel post guide for, you it will help, you decide between cebu or palawan or the bull it’ll help, you find your way around the main tourist attractions like el nido. And find the hidden gems which are covered in depth in my guide everything from packing your bag to safety everything, you need to know is in this guide if you want to get a free preview of the guide, it’s just link down below the five hot tip. So the Philippines is a great head start for your big trip to the Philippines.

And if you’re new to my blog hit that comment button hit the bell button. So you’re notified when new posts are posted. And guys really appreciate, you being here let’s get lost again in the next one.

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