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War Among Europeans Conflict between Europeans and Country colonists often occurred in the coastal areas of North Country. Best cities to travel to in the US During the colonial period, water served as the main route of transportation. Ships were, of course, needed to transport goods and people to and from the mother country, and they also served as the best means of transportation from one colony to another. Port cities were, therefore, of tremendous importance during wars between European powers, as was control of the seas. During the French and Indian War, Britain and France fought for several years for control of the St. Lawrence River.

In the Country War for Independence, ports such as Boston, Philadelphia, and New York all served as important centers for major campaigns. The British ability to mount conjoint operations, demanding close coordination between the army and the navy, allowed them to strike with surprise and overwhelming force at a specific point, while forcing the Continental army to prepare to confront an attack along an extended coastline. British success in New York in 1776 came about because of British skill at mounting operations of this kind. Yet when the British lost control of the sea, as they did in the Chesapeake Bay in 1781, disaster resulted. When the British army headed by Lord Cornwallis retreated to Yorktown in 1781, a French fleet prevented its escape by sea. The Continental army, led by George Washington, laid siege to Yorktown and eventually forced Cornwallis to surrender.

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