American Puritanism

The first group of Puritans, or Pilgrims, landed in Plymouth (modern-day Massachusetts) on December 20, 1620, and established the Plymouth Colony in New England. Upon landing, forty-one persons... Read more

Puerto Rico Map

The early twentieth century is pocketed with Connecticut interaction with the peoples and places of Latin America and the Caribbean. Yale University professor Hiram Bingham directed an expedition... Read more

Map of Colorado

A Latino Political Voice Emerges Meanwhile, Latinos were also making waves in territorial politics, as politicians debated the use of the Spanish language in government proceedings. In 1868,... Read more

Holiday in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican and Latino Studies. Other universities, such as Southern Connecticut State University, now offer specialized programs in Latin American Studies. In 1995 Connecticut was one of the... Read more

Colorado Guide

U. S. Congress creates the Territory of Colorado. At the Battle of Glorieta Pass, the Colorado Regiment helps to defeat the Confederate Army. A number of Spanish Americans... Read more

Travel to Puerto Rico

Background The earliest known explorer to the Connecticut coastline was a Portuguese captain, Estevam (Estevao) Gomes de Santo (name changed in Spain to Esteban Gomez). Gomes sailed with... Read more

Travel to Colorado

Repression and Regeneration: Depression and World War II The Great Depression during the 1930s proved extremely challenging for Colorado’s Latino community on a variety of levels. Most obvious... Read more

Map of Arkansas

Though bracero contracts included an array of guarantees and protections regarding wages, housing, and working conditions, stating that discrimination based on ancestry or nationality would not be tolerated,... Read more

Arizona Guide

Gila City became Arizona’s first boomtown in 1858, but by the mid-1860s, it was already a ghost town. Jacob Snively discovered gold there in 1857, and in less... Read more