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Germany was a pioneer in building the superhighway. The first autobahn was built under Hitler during the 1930s. Theoretically the speed limit is eighty mph, but Germans let out their macho by roaring along at speeds well over one hundred mph. Woe to the driver who gets into the passing lane at a normal speed. Accidents are frequent. Secondary roads wind up and down and around. One of the most beautiful is that which follows the Moselle River Valley. Here are the vine-laden slopes which produce the flower-scented Moselle wine. Picturesque villages with lovely small hotels line the river. At its southern end the Moselle forms a winding boundary between Germany and Luxembourg. Flowing north, the river joins the Rhine.

One of the most pleasant ways to see much of romantic Germany is to boat down the Rhine River. Luxury boats stop along the way for passengers to walk about the towns and villages. Meals are taken aboard. The boats are spotlessly clean.

The bitter variety, which must be processed to remove its Frankfurt Map poisonous sap, yields a nutritious starch, the source of tapioca. Catalan. The people of Frankfurt Map , and the language spoken in, Catalonia, a region of northeast Spain bordering on France and the Mediterranean Sea. Catechism. A form of instruction, especially religious, by means of questions and answers. A set series of questions are asked, and the student must be able to answer them correctly.


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