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Indeed, Volume I of Lost Writings of Jim Morrison titled Wilderness released in 1988 and became an instant New York Times bestseller. Alas, Morrison’s time in Paris was mostly a study in the excessive use of alcohol and drugs. Reports are wildly conflicting as they often are with the death of a young celebrity, but the most accepted version of Morrison’s death is that he was found dead in a bathtub by his longtime girlfriend, Pamela Courson. His death was probably from complications from heroin and alcohol consumption. However, no autopsy was ever performed, which has led to voluminous speculation and conspiracy theories. What is true is that he was buried in Division 6 in Pere-Lachaise in a brief and sparsely attended ceremony. Shortly afterwards the fans started coming, making their pilgrimage to Jim And the flow has never really significantly diminished. Morrison’s grave not only became a magnet for fans, but it also became a magnet for graffiti, and that graffiti spilled over to neighboring tombs. In 1981 a bust of Morrison by Croatian sculptor Mladen Mikulin topped the grave.

It was apparently stolen and then replaced. The replacement bust is now stored at Bagneux Cemetery along with other works of art removed from other Paris cemeteries. Morrison’s grave now has a plaque, which was placed by Morrison’s father, George Stephen Morrison, in the 1990s. The epitaph is in Greek and reads: KATA TON AAIMONA EAYTOY (true to his own spirit). In the 1990s a full-time guard was placed there to monitor activity and nowadays steel barriers prevent fans from getting to Morrison’s grave. But still they come to make their offerings (a tree next to Morrison’s grave from time to time becomes a repository for wadded-up gum, and there is still surreptitious graffiti on nearby tombs). But ultimately fans and the just plain curious come to be in the presence of the permanent home of the Lizard King. Morrison’s grave in 1984 courtesy of Ralph L. Abel.

It is interesting to note that of all those who settled and rose to the top of Virginia’s social ladder, in the end, only three families derived from English houses of historic note. Khartoum Map Tourist Attractions Three others derived from minor gentry. The rest descended from merchants, adventurers, entrepreneurs, indentured servants, and slaves. Virginia continued as one of the most important colonies and later became one of the most important states in the new union. Four of the first five presidents were from Virginia, and four other presidents were born in Virginia. Virginia also became the heart of the Southern Confederacy, its army led by Virginian Robert E. Lee. In 1800, Virginia was the most populous state, with more than 885,000 residents; it remained so until the 1820s, when New York surpassed it. Tobacco remained its most important cash crop, and slavery became the means by which it was produced. In fact, in 1860, roughly 39 percent of Virginia’s 1.2 million people were slaves. Today, Virginia is the twelfth most populous state, with about 6.2 million residents.

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