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How’s it going? Great. Where are you? Somewhere kind of cool. Oh, yeah, where? Can you give me a hint? It’s kind of tall. What does it rhyme with? Smeiffel? Cool, so it must be, the Eiffel Tower, whoo! Yeah, baby! Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world. This is a travel tip for you, eat a baguette. It’s like 3 Euros 50. It’s pretty simple, cheese and a tomato but damn, it saves you a lot of money. Mmm, and it tastes pretty good. So we’re on this grate, that’s probably a 30 foot drop. And Asha is too scared to walk across the sidewalk. Come on Asha, come on! Come on, come on!

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Oh, she did it! She didn’t fall and.. I’m waiting to go into Versailles and this line is like none I’d ever seen. That’s a long line, where does it start where does it end? I’m im Versailles and this is the Hall of Mirrors. This is the craziest room I’ve been in. The chandeliers, the statues, and the ceilings. The ceilings are rad, look at those ceilings. Ladies and gentlemen, I am Croissant Ninja! Oh, yeah, unh, Waa! Usually you shouldn’t play with your food, but when food is this fun, you have to play with it. Oh, yes, oh yes, that is Nutella. Chop it up, chop it up, you excited for this, Asha? I can’t wait, this is my second one of the day. This is our Nutella, banana crepe. It’s really hot, ooh! Yummy!.

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