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The rise of transnational capital was accelerated by the end of the Cold War. After the dismantling of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and the collapse of the... Read more

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Sweden cities. Through the politics of representation he is able to draw attention to the social, cultural and political fragmentation characterizing urban spaces, and through engaging with discourses... Read more

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The group would be split into two. One half would investigate the home and witness the cleansing while the other would investigate the store. Watches Dubai would be... Read more

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The blog is organized thematically. It starts with a foreword authored by Manfred Steger, Professor of Global Studies and Director of the Globalism Research Centre at RMIT University,... Read more

Singapore Subway Map

Globalization and Culture Singapore and Jan Aart Sholte’s Globalization: A critical introduction (2000). In these, the emphasis is largely on European and North American perspectives. Re-imagining the City... Read more