ogy Juan Ponce de Leon leads first Spanish exploration of Florida, but no permanent settlement is established. Explorer Panfilo de Narvaez leads a large expedition to Florida, making... Read more


The term âœpresbyterianism❠can refer to many things. It can refer to a form of church government that is structured around elders (from the Greek presbuteros) or a... Read more


Puritanism was not a social, political, or economic movement. Rather Puritanism was an attempt by Protestants in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to reform and purify the Church... Read more

California Map

Mexican American parents sue the school board in Lemon Grove for segregating their children from Anglo children. The court deems racial segregation among children illegal. This is the... Read more

New England Map

Farther north, the first settlements of the Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay Colonies, experienced similar difficulties getting started but benefited from the cooler weather and faster-running waters, which provided... Read more

Potomac River Map

The Potomac River stretches 290 miles from western Maryland to the Chesapeake Bay, forming the present border between Virginia and Maryland for much of its length. As the... Read more

Praying Towns

The term âœpraying towns❠generally refers to Christian Native American villages set up by the Massachusetts Bay Colony between 1651 and 1674, although similar settlements were also created... Read more

Precious Metals

The quest for gold and silver played a large role in the European colonization of the Americas, particularly in its earliest stages. Columbus noted in the diary of... Read more

Latin American Guide

The federal capital is transferred from Philadelphia to the District of Columbia. Two years later, Congress provides the city with its first municipal charter. Joseph Marion Fernandez (1783-1857)... Read more