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Context and Literature The research in this collection both complements and enlarges previous literature in the field of art and the urban. In devising and selecting themes for... Read more

15 Best countries to visit with kids

List of 15 Best countries to visit with kids TokyoYokohama Jakarta (Jabodetabek) Delhi Manila (Metro Manila) SeoulGyeonggiIncheon (Sudogwon) Shanghai Karachi Beijing New York City GuangzhouFoshan (Guangfo) São Paulo Mexico City (Valley of Mexico)... Read more

St Petersburg Subway Map

Contemporary cities are undergoing significant transformations and growth, and new frameworks are required in order to understand these changes: new more flexible understandings of place (Massey 1994) and... Read more

Yemen Metro Map

A world of complex connectivity (a global market-place, international fashion codes, an international division of labour, a shared eco-system) thus links the myriad small everyday actions of millions... Read more

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The cultural processes of contemporary globalization are of particular interest in this collection. However, the cultural cannot be divorced from issues of the economy as today there is... Read more

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Globalization Over the past twenty or more years there have been many predictions about the passage and changes of globalization. Accounts of globalization provide different ways of understanding... Read more